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How to Prepare Mushrooms for People Who Hate Mushrooms

February 25, 2015

I admit, I’m not a big mushroom fan. Whenever I tell people that, they collectively make confused faces and one brave soul will make a comment along the lines of, “…but, but…you’re a vegan.” Yes, and if it surprises you that not all vegans love mushrooms, you may also be surprised to find out that not all gay people have a weird affinity toward rainbows and the color purple. Just think about it.

The reason I stopped eating meat to begin with was because the texture was so revolting. To me, mushrooms have that same chewy, meaty sort of texture that I try to avoid. To incorporate mushrooms into my diet, I usually chop them so finely that you can’t really tell they’re mushrooms or puree them into a paste for ravioli. It wasn’t until a week or two ago that I discovered a way to make mushrooms that I can actually tolerate (although some chopping is involved still).

It all began when I substituted mushrooms for tofu in my usual fried tofu recipe. I like tofu, but I try to limit processed foods as much as possible and I decided to see if mushrooms would be a good substitute. I chopped the mushrooms and then lightly pan fried them twice over adding soy sauce and nutritional yeast the second time. It’s so easy, and yet. so. amazing. I’ve literally eaten mushrooms this way in about two meals a week since then.

Don’t be thrown off by the soy sauce addition. Just because the mushrooms are prepared in soy sauce doesn’t mean they have to be added to only Asian dishes. The soy sauce adds a nice salty flavored and I’ve added these mushrooms to: tacos, pasta, sandwiches, home fries, and stir fries to name a few.

Last night, I made mushrooms to add to a veggie lentil dish I whipped up. Here are the pictures I took along the way:


These were my mushrooms of choice. Portabellas are high in vitamin D, which is not only good for you, but it’s a handy little nutrient that helps keep the winter blues and SAD away.


Chopped mushrooms getting fried lightly on high in extra virgin olive oil. You’ll notice that the sides will begin to get crispy. And, sorry, your stove top will get a little messy in the process.


This is right after adding the soy sauce. I usually put in several tablespoons, although I never actually measure. I don’t have a picture of the completed shrooms (sorry, I was hungry and they were delicious) but they should fully absorb any liquids and by crispy around the outsides. When they are just about finished, add several tablespoons of nutritional yeast and stir (nut yeast + soy sauce gives an almost cheesy flavoring).


My partners in crime. As long as your kitchen has these…thou shalt not want.

I know this sounds crazy,  but these are even super delicious in mashed potatoes. Start by making a half or quarter container of mushrooms to test it out. Then slowly add them into different meals. Who knows, you may get someone who hates mushrooms to not only eat them, but enjoy them.

Happy Eating!



Fall 2015 Fashion Week- Pictures of People Being Cold

February 18, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed (or you live in Miami) it’s cold. My phone is reading 1 degree. And that doesn’t even count the wind chill or ‘real feel’. Granted, it is 7am, but something tells me that the temps aren’t going to exactly soar today (that something is specifically a high of 4 degrees in the forecast for today).

As fashion week in New York wraps up, I’ve noticed that I’ve had particular trouble following the shows this time.  It’s been really hard getting amped up for Fall clothes when all I want to do is shed my winter clothes and put on something 80 degree worthy. However, seeing as it is only February and I live on the same latitude of Chicago…I’m not putting away my winter clothes anytime soon.

Speaking of winter clothes, I’ve started to notice a pattern in my clothing choices since I’ve been living above the Mason Dixon line. It breaks down something like this:

  • October- Fall clothes are exciting again. For one month I get to experiment with new Fall fashions and enjoy new trends.
  • November-December- It’s getting colder. Fall clothes are morphing into winter clothes and trends are adjusting (read: I can no longer walk around with my coat over my shoulders…that thing is getting buttoned up).
  • January- (More) knits start working their way into the wardrobe, post holidays.
  • February- Knits have completely taken over. You have resorted to leaving the house in men’s cashmere sweaters and fleece lined leggings just to stay warm. Muumuus of solid chunky knits are worn no matter how ‘fashionable’ they may or may not be. If you live in Boston, you’ve probably resorted to just wearing straight up blankets around (hint: wool plaid blankets look the best).

So, yeah. Clearly you can see what we’ve come to. Maybe that’s why it was so refreshing to see Tommy Ton’s pictures of street styles from this fashion week in New York and see that even the classiest fashionistas resort to whatever when it gets cold. Here are a couple of my favorites (all photo creds go to the awesome Tommy Ton and


If you think this is a joke, it is not. This is my life. See this selfie I took yesterday (pre-finding this pic) for proof. 

The minute I find a fabulous knit fabric, I am making this dress…and not taking it off until May.


Weird sweaters get you through the winter.

How to look chic whilst freezing your derriere off: Exhibit A.


Fur and felt are your friends (because it’s good to through some non knits in there every once in a while).


I should really do a whole post on ‘the eyes of fashion week’…because it’s so freaking cold that all you can see on most of these gals faces. Putting on makeup for cold temps is an art to itself (if you don’t believe me, go outside in the blustering snow with normal makeup on and tell you don’t look like a rabid raccoon within 5 minutes).

So, while the ice caps work on freezing themselves back over and you work on not dying (I’m looking at you New England) have a great hump day and stay warm!!



Cary Grant Wants to Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015

Who says you have to be five to get a Valentine? Here are five (modern, adult) Valentine’s from some of the biggest icons from past and present. Enjoy.












I particularly love the picture of Rihanna throwing mad shade. Which makes me wonder, which holiday does the most shade get thrown around? At any rate, I digress. Here’s to hoping your Valentine’s Day is full of happy glances and lots of chocolate.



The Best Wallpapers for Every Style

February 10, 2015

I don’t know why wallpaper is so alluring to me, but I just can’t get enough. I’m not going to lie…I have no personal wallpaper pictures to show. Not only do I rent, but I have super tall ceilings and, quite honestly, wallpapering 17 feet (or whatever) is a little more than I want to do knowing that in a year or two I’ll have to take it down (I’d be using temporary wallpaper).

Now that we’ve established my hypocrisy, let’s move on. If you follow me on pinterest and happen to be roving around the pinterestsphere at 6 am this morning, I apologize. I was on a major wallpaper pinning spree and I probably flooded your pin feed without making any room for funny anecdotes, inspirational quotes, and fluffy kittens. My bad. If you missed that, you can check out some of my pins, which are on my ‘home sweet home’ board. All the pictures below can be found on that board, and thus, I have not provided direct links.

There are so many great wallpapers out there and such a wide variety. No matter what your taste is, there is a wallpaper for you. (And if you can’t find one, there are lots of sites that allow you to make your own). I’ve separated them into three categories: modern, traditional, kitsch.


These are your contemporary wallpapers that somehow manage to work beautifully with your west elm filled house.

Herringbone Wallpaper | Modern Home (

Grey chevron is like, the. thing. now.

Home : Eleven MODERN Kids' Rooms You'll Super-Love  I love this animal wallpaper by Minakani Walls

This baby is so hip.

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING. Circus wallpaper from geometric collection by Cole & Son

This is great when you’re having dreary weather. I envision it in London townhouse.

Emma Hayes — River Wallpaper /Obsessed with this wallpaper

Watercolor is really popular right now. I happen to love the brushstroke look of this wallpaper.


Just because you have more of a traditional style, doesn’t mean you get to miss out on all the fun. These updated patterns and sophisticated textures are particularly elegant.

Wallpaper is having a major comeback this season. Get your inspiration fix on

Not quite a chevron person, but you’re still on the grey boat? These classic stripes are simple yet stately.

Navy Grasscloth Wallpaper; David Scott Interiors

This dark navy blue grass cloth is obsession worthy. Grass cloth adds a nice, subtle texture to the walls when you want something but a print is too much.

decorology: Quiet, beautiful wallpaper,vintage wallpaper,statement wallpaper

Damask, envisioned.

51cb1995d9127e7f180001a3._w.540_s.fit_. Love the texture and subtle colors of this wallpaper

Flora, yes. But this isn’t your momma’s ivy.


This is the new crop of flat out fun wallpaper. I don’t know how you could do anything but smile with these in your house. With that said, they are definitely pretty taste specific (that’s my tactful way of saying, ‘people either really like it or they hate it’).

PiP Kiss the Frog | Wallpaper | PiP Studio ©

Want the feel of a mural in your home, but can’t afford an artist? Cue wallpaper: now bringing us affordable murals.

vintage photo turned into a mural wallpaper

The concept of having a photograph mural as wallpaper could go horribly wrong. Here’s an example of it going in the opposite direction.

purple Scalamandre zebra paper with cobalt and gold mirror via The Zhush: Five Perfect Powder Rooms

Kitschy paper usually shines the best in powder rooms and children’s spaces. Case in point..the cool zebras above.

And, of course, we need to take a moment for my personal favorite: William Morris Wallpaper. If you don’t know who William Morris is, say a rosary (or whatever you do) and read this. To me, his work has the loudness and uniqueness of the kitschy column, but still plays really well with the traditional group. I totally plan on covering every inch of my one day home in William Morris wallpaper. A little too much? Let’s just say it’s very taste specific to me. :)

'Seaweed' by John Henry Dearle, produced in 1890s.

I don’t believe this was a William Morris original design, but it has the same feel.

Another incredible William Morris wallpaper. When I become rich, I WILL have a bedroom papered in this. With casement windows. And Abyssinian cats on the bed. And...

Can you believe these were designed in the late 1880’s?

William Morris- someone should make sheets with this pattern.

How much fun would this be in a bedroom?

We have an incredible array of wallpaper to choose from nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t fit your taste. Remember, all wallpaper isn’t meant to live on for decades and decades (think of that horrible border in your grandma’s guest bathroom that needs to go), so if you’re on the edge…just do it. The most you  have to lose is some time and money (which is not nearly as bad, as say, your life).

Happy Tuesday!



Best Coat Buys from Across the Interwebs

January 27, 2015

This time of year is such a tease. We are literally only about a month into Winter and Spring clothing is already hitting the racks. It’s like the fashion industry is trying to torture us. For the record, as someone in said industry, I will say that we aren’t (all) trying to torture you. If that doesn’t console you, here are several great coats. The best part? They are on sale! So, accept a little more winter and start loading up on these great finds. Afterall, you’ll need a nice coat (or two) to keep you warm when you’re wearing all those spring pieces during a snowpocalpyse.


If you want to invest in something classic…check out this Zara number.

Image 1 of SHORT FUR COAT from Zara

If classic isn’t your thing…try a little neon fur action.

Pea coat not cutting it when it comes to hurricane strength blizzard winds? Don’t worry, Columbia has a couple different colors to help you out with that.

This Trina Turk coat is half off…and it looks like Stella McCartney…can we say win-win?

561674_in_sl[1]  555602_in_sl[1] 550078_in_sl[1] 528379_in_sl[1] 528656_in_sl[1] 378838_in_sl[1]

If you’re willing to fork over some dough or if you live in an impossibly cold place, go to and search coats. These lovelies are just a few.









If you are still having anxiety about forking over money to buy a coat, just head over to your nearest H&M or here and pick up this sleek number.

Remember that the snowstorms/unbearably cold temperatures are just a big green light to buy more coats and sweaters. There’s a silver lining in every snowstorm, right?

xoxo, Bucky

Layering with Flower Power

January 20, 2015

Maybe you’ve noticed, but the 60’s is having a major moment in fashion right now. From the minute I laid eyes on this simple flower print fabric, I knew what I would do with it. It just screamed to be made into something short, slim, and very mod. It’s technically a tunic…which is just a fancy way of saying that you can wear it however you want. Cue: pants, skirts, workshirts, and layers of sequins.


Return of the (not yet finished) upcycled dress still on the mannequin and the rabbit still on the floor like last time. Shirt [men’s J.crew], Tunic [Buchanan], Boots [Piperlime eons ago. These would look cool too.]


Chambray is always a good decision. You literally CAN NOT go wrong with it right now.


Ever worn a tunic with a suit? I didn’t think so, but it works surprisingly well. Suit [Target]


The mini dress (I mean tunic) passes the work dress code, and I’m in love (with the look and my mannequin).


What goes with everything? Yeah that’s right…sequins. Now that’s something I can slow dance to. Side note: I’m really good at slow dancing…obviously. Skirt [Target]


This tunic is a super lightweight crepe, so that’s why it is easy to fold, tuck, and layer with. If you want to try this look and get a layering tunic, opt for something that won’t wrinkle easily and is made from lightweight fabric. You want to have an effortless look rather than a ‘I put on too many clothes this morning’ look. This is also a great way to wear your dresses if they somehow became 7 inches shorter the minute you took them home.

Bring on the tunics!! More deets about this tunic here.

xoxo, Bucky

The One Phrase We All Need To Stop Using

January 19, 2015

…is ‘Real Women’. You’ve heard it floating around everywhere, specifically when it comes to magazines and television. “We proudly feature real women in our ads” or “We only use real women in our fashion shows”. At first glance it seems harmless, even empowering. Real women have curves! Real women have imperfect bodies! While these statements are true, actually being a real woman, plain and simple, means you have a vagina and it has reached the point of sexuality maturity. It doesn’t quite have the same empowering ring as, “real women have butts!” but it’s the truth.

The overall point is so true, but the wording could be better. My first thought when I read this is…”are people in magazines not actual women?? If so, what are they…robots? Men?” If your child thinks that all women look like photoshopped magazine ads, they clearly haven’t been to Walmart (or like, anywhere).

Here’s the problem with this phrase. When you refer to some women as ‘real’ that automatically makes other things ‘fake’. You start a classic situation of us vs. them (read: never good). By saying that some women are real, or more real than others, you are implying that there are fake women out there. Yes, some women may have fake personalities or fake body parts, but that doesn’t mean they are any less of a woman (see above vagina comment). Every time you say something you feel is empowering like, “real women have curves!” an equally real woman out there without curves is put down at your expense. If you feature a certain size, weight, build of women in your fashion shows and claim that these are real women, you’re either stating a really obvious fact or you are suggesting women of different size, weight, or build are somehow less real. In my opinion, the only place you can find a fake woman is at a drag show.

One of Nike’s empowering ads. Be proud of your body! Just make sure that it’s not at someone else’s expense.

More than once, I’ve had someone look at me and say something along the lines of, “we’d love to collaborate with you on a fashion show, but we want real women, not skinny minnies like you.” They say it with pride like they are doing humanity a great service by putting on a fashion show with people of a certain shape and size. What they don’t realize, is that it’s horribly offensive. I wouldn’t dream about walking up to someone and saying, “we should do a fashion show, but I don’t want anyone that’s really short (or insert any description you would like here…short, fat, hippy, etc), like you are.” Sure, real women have curves. There are also real women who don’t have curves. I know people’s hearts are in the right place, but I don’t think they realize that what they are saying is offensive. No body wants to hear that they are any less of a person than anyone else.

Dove ad from here. Notice how they get the message across that every body is beautiful? Hint: it’s not by using the phrase ‘real women’.

If you haven’t made any goals for 2015, here’s one to consider: try cutting ‘real women’ from your vocabulary (or at least, start using it correctly). There are other, more correct, ways to say what you are trying to say. Do you want to put on a fashion show with women of all shapes and sizes? Try saying “community members”  or (here’s a crazy idea) “women of all shapes and sizes”. If you love the Dove ads (who doesn’t?) with a variety of women, try calling it that: “I love the ads with a variety of women” instead of “I love the ads with real women in them”. Together, we can all make sure that any movement which empowers women successfully empowers ALL women of any shape, size, color, height, or weight.

XO Bucky

Ps. I know I usually talk about light topics, but in respect of Martin Luther King Jr. Day I’ve decided to write this post on something I feel needs to be said. I hope you enjoyed it, and most of all, I hope it made you think.


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