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Check out these awesome GIVEAWAYS!

April 19, 2017

Okay guys. I have big plans for a complete site overhaul. It’s going to be super exciting.

But, before I do any of that, I want to tell you about something else super exciting.

A couple of incredible bloggers have teamed up to GIVE AWAY ultimate prize packs full of digital goodies.

There are two sweepstakes, one for fashion and one for self-care/self-improvement. Feel free to enter one, both, or neither.

Links to enter are below the pictures!

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Go HERE to win the fashion giveaway

Happy winning!


PS> Share this with someone else who’d like to win!

SADS, POTS, MTHFR…and other hilarious acronyms

April 12, 2017

Wow. Did you see when I posted last?

I think it’s been over a year. Maybe two.

That’s pretty embarrassing and, at the same time, slightly impressive that I have been that neglectful.

A lot has changed in the past couple years, and I’ll tell you why in a moment (hint: it has everything to do with all the acronyms in the title + a million cross country moves).

Here’s what you missed:

  1. I started image consulting and public speaking, which took up so much time, that I ended up leaving my fashion design job. Check out my new business here.
  2. I’ve created some pretty cool e-courses about fashion and personal branding that you can find here.
  3. I’ve also written a book or two.
  4. Two or three moves later, I now live in Arizona. Never saw that happening in my life.

So, as you can imagine, I didn’t have oodles of time to muse about stuff when I was conquering the consulting world while simultaneously dying.

Okay, I wasn’t really dying. But I was sleeping for about 14-16 hours a day, which is pretty much like reaping all the benefits of death without the commitment.

It wasn’t until I moved to Arizona, that I finally found a doctor who confirmed the following:

  1. “There is no doubt that you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)” -my doctor.
  2. I have Postural Tachcardia Syndrome (POTS)- which means my heartbeat and blood pressure don’t have great communication skills, so when I do things like stand up, I pass out. (woohoo!)
  3. I am compound heterzygous for a MTHFR genetic mutation- which means my body doesn’t process folate and, therefore, I have access histamine in my body (which leads to 24/7 allergic symptoms).

It’s nice to be able to put a name to an ailment, even if it’s a weird one. I mean, MTHFR? Come on! (Side note- I also tested positive for coxsackie enterovirus antibodies and was diagnosed with SADS (seasonal affectional disorder) several years ago….so how’s that for another hilarious name).

In the meantime, you could say I’ve been a little tired. I was able to trace my symptoms back all the way to high school, which means I’ve been operating at half speed pretty much most my life.

Chronic fatigue is a weird thing to explain. Essentially, you constantly feel like you just finished running a half marathon (also ran two of those while I was not here blogging) no matter what you actually did.

Before my official diagnosis, I would always tell myself things like this:

  • You can’t be tired. You just slept for 12 hours. Now you’re just being lazy.
  • Suck it up, you’ve got stuff to do today
  • Everyone else can do this stuff, so you can too (‘stuff’ being everything from running a business to literally running a half marathon)
  • You can sleep tomorrow

Since I’m fairly ambitious, I would work my butt off during the week (and wear myself down) and then sleep all weekend to recover. Not really a great option, but it seemed to have worked for about a decade.

I’m not sure if it is age setting in, the altitude in my new location, or a combination of both, but I finally crashed when we moved to Arizona. My body was in full #nope mode and I knew I needed professional medical help.

Luckily, I was able to find a fantastic Chronic Fatigue doctor and, while I haven’t made a full recovery, I’m back to operating at the same sub-par level I’ve been at the past decade. Hopefully, as we test different medications and techniques, I will be able to get all my energy back.

Although, I have a blog with my consulting site, I still like the informality of my Bucky world, so I’m hoping to get a new post up at least every month (low standards are the key to success, amiright?)

Thanks for being patient with my absence and hold on to that patience as I start to redesign this blog to bring it up to date!



Women’s Capsule Collection- Business

September 19, 2016

Women’s Capsule Collection- Business

September 19, 2016


July 22, 2016

Test by leslie-friedman featuring Hermès

Vince grey shirt

Givenchy blazer
$1,130 –

Armani Collezioni wide leg pants
$590 –

Gucci shoes
$355 –

Gucci waist belt

Everything you need to know about leggings, jeggings, and treggings.

October 6, 2015

Y’all, we’re in the middle of an epidemic. It’s been going on since the late 2000’s and while I would love to say we might see the end soon, I’m afraid it isn’t so. Pant imposters are taking over the market left and right and as the consumer- we can’t seem to stop purchasing, or wearing, these spandexy numbers. It’s getting bad. Case in point: we  have leggings, jeggings, and now…treggings.

Here’s an example of each:


Nothing new to the fashion scene (did we forget what happened in the 80’s??), leggings are essentially thick tights with less seams. The pair above is $3.90 from Forever 21. You can also have running leggings (made from athletic material).


A jegging is literally a legging made from denim (or denim like) material because…jeans weren’t comfy enough as it is? This pair is also from Forever 21.


untitled (4)

A tregging is a legging with trouser details. It is technically a mix between a trouser and a leggings, although honestly, only a few small trouser details made it into the batter (like pockets and waistband). This pair is from h&m.

In my opinion, they’re all pretty much leggings. I feel like some very savvy marketers came up with the name ‘tregging’ to help Millennials justify that they are actually wearing real pants to work. Attaching real pockets is also a way that girls are cheating their way through this very famous buzzfeed chart:

While I’m not condemning leggings of any sort, I feel that they are very much reserved for weekend wear. I am a Millennial and during this horrible epidemic I have been guilty of wearing everything from tights as pants (yes, 2008 was not a good year) to treggings (before they were even called that). The important thing is that you know what works for your body and how to style it correctly for your shape (sounds like good potential blog post). And remember- if it ends in ‘–egging’ keep it out of the office!



5 Steps to Upgrading Your Life (successfully!)

August 19, 2015

Maybe you’ve just landed your dream job, only to realize that your clubbing outfits from college (or your last job’s uniform) won’t cut it at your new corporation.

Perhaps your kids are (finally) out of the house and you decide it’s time to upgrade your furniture from that time you bought out Ikea 20 years ago.

Or, you could just be tired of being fat, eating unhealthy, not exercising, and/or just not feeling your best.

Whatever the case, you’ve made the decision to upgrade your life. In essence, ‘upgrading your life’ just means that you’re switching out the old for a high quality newer model. It all sounds good in theory. I mean, how many times have we heard these phrases: “The new diet starts Monday!” or “I am going to buy less and buy better”. The key is to not only follow through with your changes, but successfully make them into permanent habits. Here’s how:


1. It’s all about Motives. First, determine your motives. WHY do you want a more high quality lifestyle? Is it to enhance your career? Impress a guy/girl? Make day to day life easier and more pleasurable for yourself? Show up your neighbors? Whatever the reason, you’ll need to figure out what drives you. If there is a weak (or no) motivating force behind a goal, there will be no change.

2. Choosing your upgrades. Most of the time, you know what you want to upgrade. Right now, all my shoes, save for a few pair, are looking a bit rough. It’s time for new shoes and I am looking to get some that are more professional and last longer (read: upgrade). You might, however, just have an idea of what you want to achieve (ex: I want to look more professional), without knowing how to go about that. If you are in that camp, I recommend looking at people who you admire and would like to emulate. What about them do you want for yourself? (Side Note Warning: just because it works for one person, doesn’t mean it works for everyone. See #4)

3. Set your priorities. Decide what changes are most important to you. Maybe you care more about upgrading your eating habits than your shoe collection. Maybe a newly furnished house is more important than designer makeup. Make a list of areas in your life that you wish to upgrade. Now- and here’s the hard part- only tackle one thing at a time. No one has the time, energy, and money to wake up on a Monday morning and instantly start eating better, exercising, buying a new wardrobe, redecorating, etc.

4. Know thyself. Just because a certain diet, style, or hobby works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you. For example: I am vegan because I believe it is a healthy diet. Someone who is paleo might say the exact same thing, even though the diets are very different. Is one person wrong? Of course not! It’s just that different choices work for different people. If everyone in your office wears a certain brand of shirt, should you go out and buy the same brand even though the fit isn’t good for your body? Of course not. Know what works for you and what doesn’t. This is also why knowing your motives is important. If you are motivated by ‘impressing others and trying to fit in’, you will buy the shirt that doesn’t fit because it’s cool. If you are motivated by ‘looking professional in your workplace’ you will find a similar shirt in a brand that works for your body type.

5. Shoot low and go slow. You are more likely to achieve the lifestyle changes that you want, if you create lower, attainable goals and set a realistic pace. You wouldn’t go from the couch to a half marathon and you wouldn’t go from a lifetime of thrift clothes to Armani. Patience is the key here. Start small and then build. What’s the step up from where you currently are? Try that out and see if you like it. Then keep going. If you decide it’s not worth it or you don’t like the upgrade, it’s painless to switch back. For example: Say you want to try nicer makeup than what is offered at a drugstore. Instead of going to Barney’s and buying out the whole Chanel counter, try going to Ulta and getting a makeover. If you like a product better than one your currently using, THEN buy it. If you buy one nice piece of makeup a month over the course of the year, it will be easier on your budget and the transition to your goal.

With enough patience and discipline, you can pretty much achieve any lifestyle (within reason) that you would like. Now, if you’d excuse me, I need to work on my shoe collection.