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4 Nights on the (George) Foreman

January 9, 2009

For one of the worst possible reasons, I am now a George Foreman owner. Up until a couple weeks ago, I hardly knew anything about these aforementioned kitchen objects and never really saw myself owning one. I mean, they’re for meat, right? My husband, on the hand, has apparently been coveting George Foreman grills since he was a child (I married an old soul didn’t I?) So, when my Uncle-in-law passed away and we found ourselves in a position to inherit our very own GF…well…you can imagine how fast Andrew jumped at that one.

As a tribute to Uncle Ron, I decided to test my skills with the grill and made four nights of meals on the Foreman. I probably could have come up with an actual week’s (or at least a work week’s worth of meals) but I thought four just worked better. I am an amateur with these things, you know.

So, here’s the menu day by day:


As you can tell, I started in the safe zone and then ventured out.

Day 1: The Panini

Nothing is more classic Foreman material than a Panini, right?


The nice thing about the panini is that you can cater to everyone’s preferences. Andrew put meat on his, while I choose to stick with grilled veggies (on the Foreman, duh) and a roasted red pepper tapenade. Apple chips are a great substitute for potato chips (especially if you have potato chip addiction problems like me).

Day 2: Quinoa Burgers



This one probably turned out the prettiest. You may notice that I have no prep pictures. That is because there was no prep. This is quite literally (from the bottom up) mixed greens, a Morningstar Quinoa Burger, onion, tomato, mustard, and ketchup. A side of veggies and fruit are a must with every meal.

A side note on these burgers –> I try to stay away from processed food and ‘fake’ foods, but I was pleasantly surprised by these burgers. They’re great when I don’t have time to make my own burger and you can even see whole chunks of lentils in them!

Day 3: Teriyaki Tofu


This one is also very easy (do you see a pattern??) Here’s how it goes: 1) Put rice in rice maker. Turn rice maker on. 2) Make tofu (get water out, soak in soy sauce, bake on 45o until brown, grill until crunchy) 3) Cut veggies, put in skillet. 4) Assemble. Oh yeah, and add some fruit for color.

Day 4: Grilled Calzones

***Disclaimer…these are the ugliest calzones you have every seen*************


This wasn’t the most colorful meal…or pretty meal in any sense of the word…but it tasted good! Just make homemade pizza crust and form into small circles. Fill with deliciousness (I choose kalamata olives, broccoli, basil, tomato,and onion). I obviously filled mine to the max, hence the unsightly bulges. Cook in oven for 10-20 minutes on 400. Put on grill until you get those nice grill marks.

The Foreman has also worked its way into weekend breakfasts by way of making bacon (Andrew’s endeavor) and grilled potatoes (my idea). I’m sure many more good things will come from it!

Happy Eating,


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