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Shutter Color

August 27, 2012

Which one of these two homes do you think looks better?

Obviously, we all have our biases. My mom, who grew up in the 70’s, thinks that split levels are cool (they’re not anymore for the record) because they were the cool house of the 70’s and she lived in a ranch home. Biases aside though, which is prettier at first glance? During long jogs, I look at houses in my neighborhood and often ask that question. Which houses do I like more and why? Let me point out, that the particular neighborhood that I am living in is all full of 70’s split levels. I’m pretty sure they built the whole place all in one fell swoop. As boring as that is architecturally, it really makes you notice things on the houses that stand out. Things like…exterior color. And that is where I came to the conclusion that houses look better with darker shades, and a lighter color house. You can debate me on this, or you could just walk out into your neighborhood and walk around. What do you see more? I bet it’s dark shutters. Just something to think about next time you are thinking about painting.

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