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Mercury Glass Experiment #1

September 1, 2012

I love mercury glass; it’s that perfect mixture of glam and grunge. So, when I came across Kyrlon’s Mirror Spray Paint, I had to try it. Not wanting to add more items to my small and already furniture and accessory overfilled apartment, I decided to alter something I already had. Enter the pink vase. I’m pretty sure that this was a 1-800-flowers vase that came with one of the beautiful bouquets of lilies my husband sent me while we were dating. (And by pretty sure…I mean, I know for sure that it came with flowers on our 6 month anniversary)

For this project you will need the following:

  • A glass object (I chose a vase)
  • Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-like paint (I bought my for $11.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Vinegar
  • Paper Towels



Step 1: Thoroughly clean out the vase and dry it. Paint will stick better to a clean surface.

Step 2: Put one coat of paint on the inside of the can. Please note: this is really almost impossible. In order to spray the whole inside it really turns out to be a couple of coats worth.


The pictures above are from after one spraying.

Step 3: Wait until the paint dries (5-10 minutes) and add another coat. Continue doing this until you get a desired shininess. Keep in mind that the more shiny your vase is, the more contrast you will get when you rub off the paint.


Above picture is after 4 sprayings.

Step 4: Wet a paper towel with vinegar. The vinegar will literally eat away the paint creating a mercury glass effect. Use the paper towel to rub the inside of the vase. The more you rub, the more grungy it will look. Continue to rub until you get the desired effect.


I used circular rubbing motions to create the mercury glass effect.


You can start to see in the pictures above how the paint is being wiped away.

The finished product!


Please keep in mind that I am a not so great photographer, so it actually looks a lot better than this in real life. Also note- the organic like string effect was achieved because I over-sprayed the inside and then rolled the vase around resulting in thicker ‘strings’ of paint. If you are patient and spray everything evenly, this won’t happen.

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