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I’ve never met a rich hippie.

October 5, 2012

Actually, that’s probably not true. I’ve probably met one and just didn’t realize they were loaded with money because all I could see was that they were loaded with dirt and patchouli. Ok, that’s a little harsh, but you get the point. Hippies are usually ‘of the earth’ kind of people and generally don’t look like they spend copious amounts of money on anything let alone their appearance. That  is why the whole ‘gypsy’ clothing niche on Etsy is so hilarious to me.

Take this coat for example:

Gypsy Faerie Elven Patchwork Coat of Up-Cycled Sweaters MADE TO ORDER

You can find this coat at the Etsy shop Kat’s Cache  or you could just type ‘gypsy coat’ into the search box and find lots more (faerie coat will also give you lots of good hits). This particular coat is made to order and goes for 399.99 USD. The funny thing is, people buy these suckers up. A lot of them are described as ‘festival’ clothing. So, if you’re headed out to Bonarroo/Gnarnia/any hippie festival ever you’ll need one of these to tag along with your 4 pounds of homemade acid.

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment. Consider it my happy Friday present to you. It’s always good to end the week with a good laugh, especially if it’s at the expense of hippies.

jacket jumper pixie sweater vest LONG coat cardigan festival hoodie gypsy cap gnome psy goa

Matching purple tights and boots? yes, please.

brown orange sweater coat elf jacket jumper pixie sweater goa hoodie festival gypsy vest reconstructed

Please note the ridiculous ‘leg warmers’ on this chick. It’s like the 1970’s, 60’s and 80’s all made a love baby. A love baby on major acid.

Blue Heart XL 1X COTTON Sweater Coat Recycled Upscaled Faerie Elf Coat

Every hippie has a little heart…even if it’s blue.

Dryad Dream Coat - A Fairy Inspired Creation - RESERVED for Nora

This $458 is actually reserved for someone. It’s also from an Etsy shop called Enlightened Platypus.

Dream Coat by Katwise -Upcycled Sweater TUTORIAL - Rainbow Gypsy Elf Coat

Maybe she should be the new face of skittles. It can be, “Skittles, wear the rainbow.”

Upcycled Clothing by Katwise - RESERVED

Vogue needs to get on this shit.

Recycled Sweater Coat TUTORIAL by Katwise

yes, I did save the best for last. This looks like it belongs in a Japanese game show.

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  1. October 6, 2012 5:27 pm

    Wow! I’m not sure what to think of it…. 🙂

  2. October 26, 2012 1:22 pm

    oh my 🙂

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