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Birds in the Bedroom

October 25, 2012

I have always had a weird obsession with birds. I don’t mean in a boring bird watcher sort of way or a weird ‘I have 20 pet parakeets’ sort of way. I just think they are beautiful. Especially pigeons…but we won’t get into that. The point is, many many moon ago I bought a large book all about birds. It was on sale for $10 at Barnes and Noble in Nashville. The pictures were incredible and I bought it with the intention of one day framing the pictures (the ambitious option) or just using the book as a coffee table book (the lazy/more normal option). Well, I am happy to say that I FINALLY got the pictures framed and hung. Kind of ironic though, since I found out I’m moving in less than a month.

I knew I wanted to hang the pictures above our bed, because we don’t have a headboard. To be exact, we have a mattress that sits on a box spring that sits on a metal bed frame. So…technically we don’t really even have a ‘bed’ so to speak. This is more due to the fact that I’m picky than any thing else. I figured that framing the bird pictures and hanging them above the bed would act as a ‘headboard’ and look somewhat chic until I decide between wing or sleigh and leather or fabric (oooh the choices of beds…that’s a whole other post). I personally think that the pictures turned out fabulouso. Take a look and decide for yourself.

k 013 

frames: walmart, lamps: TJMaxx, nightstands: Ikea, clock: pottery barn, duvet and shams: pottery barn, red blanket: urban outfitters

Now that you’ve seen the end picture, I’ll give you a breakdown of the process in photo form.

CIMG0156 - Copy

I used the goofy inside picture from the frame as a guide for where to trim my pictures.


My wonderfully trimmed pictures.

k 001

Once all the pictures were in a frame, I laid them out in the order I wanted to hang them. I took a picture with my phone as a reference in case I forgot.

k 002

Now the ‘fun with math’ part. I essentially measured the bed width (it was around 60” b’/c it’s a queen) and cut that figure in half. The middle picture went right on that halfway point. I wanted the pictures to be high enough so that you didn’t hit you head on them, but also low enough to look proportional with the lamps.

k 014

Ta-da! The pictures are all up. They actually look a little bit more narrow in this picture than in real life.

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