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‘Tis the Season

December 3, 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again. Normally (you know, when I’m not making a semi-cross country move), I would be all decked out for Christmas as of a week ago. Ok, that’s probably a lie. Regardless, I was able to dig out some Christmas stuff in my sea of boxes and put together a little gaudiness.


This is my kind of sad tree. In my defense- it is 3 feet taller than my tree last year. However, I didn’t buy more lights/ornaments/garland so it could use a little amping up in that department. I vetoed putting the stockings above the fire. It didn’t really look right and that is the only room in the house we don’t actually have furniture in yet. Instead, I use a wide dark green grosgrain ribbon and hung them from either bay window, which you can (kind of) see in the artistically blurry (aka: terribly taken picture)  below.


The next item of decorating is this dinky $4 wreath I bought from Walmart. All by it’s lonesome it looks a little sparse. However, with a few bows, pearls, and Target Ad pictures later….it’s pretty fabulous:


The only thing it still needs is the ‘Merry Christmas’ banner, which is currently drying.


Please note my awesome Christmas socks. Everyone should own awesome Christmas socks.

If you bought this month’s Vogue, you probably saw the awesome Target ad for the new Neiman Marcus gift line. Here’s a couple close ups of the Target girls that are bedazzling my wreath:


In case you are wondering, the girls are stapled on to the wreath. I’m not trying to kill myself here or anything.

I highly encourage you to let your creativity loose and use just whatever you find around your house to fabuloutize a wreath. It was kind of therapeutic. That and you don’t want to have your mailman/neighbors/dinner guests/anyone-who-sees-the-wreath thinking that you’re too normal.

ps. Hope you enjoy the snow. Smile Seeing as I know live in snow capital of the world, I think it may be appropriate to have it fall until next August. That’s when ‘summer’ (all two weeks of it) is rumored to start here.

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