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These Jeans {an essay}

December 4, 2012
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I acquired them for twenty dollars off the discount rack at GAP sometime in late high school. There was the obvious first attraction: nice wash, sturdy but soft feel, and a high enough waist to hide anything unwanted. Then there was the real appeal-or at least to my vain, teenage mind: the size. They were size 2 extra long. I had been a steady size 4 throughout high school and a 2 extra long meant one thing: you are one tall and skinny bitch. I tried them on immediately. They slipped on like a charm and pooled unapologetically around my ankles. They jeans were definitely extra longs and I was definitely not. As for a size 2…er well, that wasn’t probably too accurate, which would explain their presence on the discount rack. That and the fact that one pant leg was about an 1 and a half longer than the other. Despite it’s obvious flaws I adopted the jeans, for a small price of course, and headed home with the little factory reject. To say that I loved those jeans is an understatement. And it’s completely wrong. I still love those jeans. There have been times when I have put them on and stood in the mirror thinking they were unflattering and ugly and vowing to throw them away. I’ve passed on a lot of clothes, but somehow those jeans never made the cut. They have managed to hang around my closet for the past 8 or 9 years going through phases of intense wear and moderate neglect. Sometime along the way they ripped across one of the knees. A true, use-and-abuse rip that is right above the knee, as apposed to the manufactured rips that are unrealistically low. I’m afraid that I’m almost at the point of no return. As long as I can fit into those jeans, they will remain in my closet. Lurking around the designer denim and tuxedo blazers, these jeans know they we here to stay. The funny thing is, that it’s not about the size now. Once I stopped eating TCBY ice cream sandwiches for every meal, I dropped to a true size 2. Over the past 8 years it has turned from my adolescent vanity to just a pure, unadulterated love for a pair of misfit pants.

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