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Costumes Are Always in Vogue

December 10, 2012

So I’m in a bar last week (because that’s what you do in Western New York- drink away the memory of sunlight) and one of my new friends starts to explain SantaCon to me:

friend: So Buffalo always has SantaCon- Have you  heard of SantaCon?

me: No. Is it a play on ComicCon, blah blah?

friend: Yeah! So the point is that everyone dresses up in Christmas clothes (usually as Santa) and you go bar hopping. (Waits to see my response)

me: Oh that’s cool. When is it?

friend: Well, it’s next Saturday night, but we all have to work, so we are going to do one here in town because we can’t drive to Buffalo. (Hesitating she asks) Would you want to dress up with us?

me: Uh yeah. Costumes are always in vogue.

Literally. My glorious new closet, which I will post pictures of soon, has a whole small section just for costumes. Please  note, however, that most of my costumes are actually outfits from different decades. I have multiple prom dresses form the 80’s, a Texas rodeo outfit (very a la Dolly Parton), and a WWII flight suit…to name a few.

After committing, my husband and I ran off to pick out some costumes from the local Paper Factory. At first we only saw expensive slutty costumes (at least for me). And that’s when I saw the penguin head. All along the ceiling were various costume heads. Reindeer, Pacman, Pokémon, Minnie Mouse, you name it they had it. Soon after, I learned that the penguin outfit comes with a full on unisuit made from fleece. Hmmmm, dress up like a slutty elf and freeze my ass off (literally) OR…wear a fleece unitard big enough for a couple of me complete with an ass warmer (aka tail). I think the answer is clear. Enjoy these PG pics from the night out. Smile


Penguins really like buffalos. Did you know?


The whole group.


I can’t tell you how many people stopped while we were trying to take these pictures so that they could get a picture with Santa and me. Sooo… popular. It’s the plight of the penguin costume.

We decided to get our money’s worth out of these costumes and take our Christmas Card photos in them. I have a feeling that this card will only be going out to select people….


The cat was extremely opposed to being dressed up like a fish (he was a shark for Halloween a while ago and Andrew and I were shark victims) and being eaten by a penguin.

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due. My husband, Andrew, did all the staging for this photo. He removed my newly hung pictures and replaced them with my fabulous wreath, painting of my former cat love Sir Reginald Buchanan, and a banjo something signed by Earl Scruggs. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the menorah…the Jewish half of our family felt it needed representation. Haha. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point?

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