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Pom pom Christmas

December 11, 2012

I upgraded my Christmas tree this year from a 4ft to a 6ft after a fruitless search for the base to my 4 footer. Well, as of today, I found the base. Seeing as one cannot have too many Christmas trees, I decided to put up the little tree in the guest bedroom. I didn’t really feel like going out to buy more Christmas stuff, so I brainstormed what I could do with what I had on hand…yarn. I have way to much yarn for someone who only knits about 7 times a year. It was only an obvious choice to make a pom pom tree. I felt the need to get rid of my pastel baby colors, so that’s the theme we are going with. On the plus side- I could possibly reuse these as Easter tree decorations. Until Easter, they will probably be used at cat toys. Who ever thought decorations could be so versatile and cheap?

pompom 002

This is what we are going for

pompom 003pompom 005

(Left) Step 1: Gather materials. Hot tea optional, but highly encouraged. 

(Right) Step 2: Cut piece of string. Lay aside.

pompom 006pompom 007

Step 3: Start the wrap the yarn around your fingers until it looks like the pic on the right. The more yarn you use the fluffier your pom pom will be.

pompom 008pompom 009

(Left) Step 4: Gently slide the loops off your fingers.

(Right) Step 5: Cut off umbilical cord.

pompom 011pompom 012

Step 6: Take the string you cut first and lay it underneath  the loop. Wrap it around the loop and tie a knot. Unlike mine, try to make it as close to the center as possible.

pompom 013pompom 014

Step 7: Cut loops

pompom 015pompom 016

Step 8: Fluff the pom pom. You’re finished.

pompom 019pompom 020pompom 021

Yay pom poms!!

pompom 022

If you drop any pom poms don’t expect to get them back. They make excellent kitty toys.

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