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Best (and Worst) Ear Cuffs on Etsy

December 17, 2012

Ear cuffs are a strange thing. They kind of say, “Just because I don’t have wicked piercings or painful holes in weird places, my ears can still totally be bad ass”. They also have the potential to say, “I’m a creepy goth kid who eats small rodents just to frighten you”, or “Satan is my motor (and in the least cake-ish way possible)”, or “I really believe that I am a faerie”, or “I really don’t want anyone to ever talk to me again/think of me as a normal human being”. As you can see, with this many potential ways to go wrong, you really have to choose carefully. Luckily, I have eliminated some of the hassle and picked out, what I deemed to be, the best ear cuffs on Etsy.

Starfish Ear Cuff in Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver

Star fish in gold vermeil by EarCharms

This is so sweet and unobtrusive.

Sterling Silver Bow Knot Ear Cuff

Sterling Silver Bow by Simplyy J

Classic and subtle…do you see a trend here?

Silver Bat Ear Cuff

Silver Bat by Marty Magic

Okay, not going to lie…this one is a little borderline.

Steampunk Sparrow Ear cuff ' white bronze '

Steampunk Sparrow by Ranaway

Non-creepy steampunk (see below for creepy steampunk)


Winter land ear cuff

Winter Land Ear Cuff by Lovelylula

This one is definitely a bit bigger, but it’s very cool. I would wear it with a very simply outfit.


And just for the sake of hilarity, I’m going to display a couple that were not anywhere near the best on my list (although, I’m sure they rank very high on someone else’s):


Silver Spikes Ear Cuff Chain Hair

Which came first, the ear cuff/barrette action or the half shaved head? The world may never know.

Bronze Guardian Dragon Ear Wrap

Finally!! I’ve been looking for something to guard my ear for SO LONG.


1 Pc Fashion Chic Gothic Punk Retro Copper Tassels 3D Skeleton Skull Head Ghost Hand Shape Ear Cuff Clip Stud Wrap PIERCING Earrings

The dangling offspring skulls are creepy, but the real winner here is the skeleton hand poking around your temples.


BRASS Steam Fae Clockwork Wings Briar Spider- Over The Ear Cuff Set Steampunk Accessory

This friends, is what we call steampunk gone wrong.


Nose chain with dangle feather & matching earring, nose jewelry, nose-to-ear chain

And, as per always I saved the best for last. Any nose/ear attachment is clearly a hazard to health (what if it gets caught in something?!?!) Speaking of health…do you think these things get washed before they are sent to you? We can only hope. Yeah, and I’m pretty sure only Cleopatra could pull something like this off.


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