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NYE- 1 Dress, 2 Ways

December 28, 2012

It’s that time again. That time when every woman in America turns down all 25 acceptable New Year’s Eve dresses in her closet, frets about having nothing to wear, buys 3 new dresses, returns 2 of them, and maybe ends up with something fabulous. It’s far more stressful than it actually needs to be. This year, I really splurged (not) and bought a gold sequin mini dress from TJMaxx. It was one of those moments when I forget that I’m really 25 not 18. Oh well, at least I’m not 50 and trying to wear a gold sequin mini dress (I feel like that statement may come back to haunt me one day). So the challenge here, was to take a basic dress that everyone else will probably have (I mean, it was 19.99 at TJMaxx, you know at least 5 people will have it on) and make it look: a) older and classier (as opposed to young and slutty) and b) like something I would wear (ie: man repelling). Instead of taking really terrible pictures of myself as per usual, I have used Polyvore to show you some awesome New Year’s possibilities (you’re welcome).

This is the base layer:

The dress that I bought is actually a little more sequiny and is sleeveless. Regardless, you get the point.

Base Layers- NYE

Base Layers- NYE by leslie-friedman featuring giuseppe zanotti


Option 1: Old School Glamourzon (ie: classy hot shit).

NYE- Glamourzon

NYE- Glamourzon by leslie-friedman featuring high heel pumps

Option 2: ManRepelling. Layer with as many quasi butch things that you can find. I like the way my legs look, so I opt for a shirt that hides my stomach.

NYE- ManRepelling

NYE- ManRepelling by leslie-friedman featuring red loafers

In all actuality, the outfit that I am wearing NYE was not on Polyvore, hence these other ideas. I am going to wear the sequin dress with a long, sheer, ocre vest– belted of course- and heels. Anyhow… Hope all you glamourzons and man repellers have a fun and safe New Years! Bottoms up!


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