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Get Your ‘Thank You’ On

January 2, 2013

Thank you cards are really your final holiday season obligation. After those are mailed out, it’s truly relax time (unless, perhaps, you are an accountant or something). Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South, but sending out Thank You cards is not an optional activity. We like to send Thank You cards for EVERYTHING. Literally. We visit friends for the weekend…Thank You card. We get a hostess gift…Thank You card. Someone invites us to dinner…Thank You card. Someone sneezes…Thank You card. You get the idea. Any good Southerner/decent person should have at least 2 types of Thank You cards lying around at all times (and some blank cards as backups). If you’re at a loss for great cards…look no further. I have scoured the internet and picked out some of my personal favorites to share with you. Oh, you’re welcome. Smile


Chalkboard Thank You Cards has so many great contemporary cards like this one and the one below.

Bold Brackets Thank You Cards



Isaac Flat Note Cards is a great source for more than just thank you cards. We like this simple design. Click here to order.



Rustic Thank You Card - Printable, Custom, DIY - VINTAGE

As per usual, I have to spread some Etsy love. Here is a cute design from SplashofSilver. For $6.50 you buy the digital file shown above and print off as many cards as you want! This is a great economical way to do Thanks You’s. (Not to mention, it works in a pinch you run out of cards.) Click here to get this design.



Thank you cards - hand stamped and embossed set of 5

Another Etsy find, this shop has lots of simple cards. I love that they aren’t too girly. Click here to get some.

Damask Black Thank You Cards - 50ct

Don’t have time to order something online? That’s what Target is for. This is a personal favorite. Check this one out and more: here.

Last but not least (sorry, I don’t have a picture for this) is my own personal Thank You card secret: Michaels. Go to almost any Michaels’ store and you will find $1 items at the front, usually in wire bins. I have always found very cute, contemporary cards and I like to keep a stash around just in case. Writing Thank You’s is so much more tolerable when you have amazing stationary. I promise.


ps. Here’s a cute idea: Use a polaroid camera and take pictures of you (or  your kids) enjoying their Christmas presents (ie: pic of you wearing a new sweater or eating fondue). Put the picture in with the Thank You card. This is a great way to get kids excited about writing Thank You cards, and I’m sure Grandparents, etc will love it too! It also helps you remember who gave you what. Smile

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