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The Great Sock Conundrum Part 1

January 10, 2013

The cold weather of the great white north (aka: Western New York State) is really cramping my style right now. I can’t seem to part with my loafers and ankle cropped pants look quite yet, but when it’s 20° and there is snow everywhere…well, the ankles get a bit nipply. There are some really obvious solutions (some of which are illustrated below) to this issue: 1) wear socks (duh. we’ll come back to this) or 2) wear boots or 3) wear actual long pants or 4) any combination of the aforementioned things. We’ll start with the socks. I have a very love-hate relationship with socks. When I am at home, or in my studio, I wear socks constantly. When I am out in public, unless it adds to my outfit, I hate wearing socks. I hail from South Georgia (basically Florida) where you can almost wear flip flops year round. Socks were always cute gifts, never a means to keep your foot from getting frostbite and falling off. Wearing more clothes I can handle…but wearing socks? Sure they keep your feet warm and the hypothermia at bay, but I haven’t found a good fashionable way to wear socks (especially not with my ideal flats and ankle pant combo). Maybe if they made nude colored socks that looked like you skin (entrepreneurs of the world, get on that). Or maybe I’ll just start wearing layers of knee-hi’s (let’s be real, that’s way to much work). Or I’ll just do what I’ve done in years past: wear snow boots until I get where ever I’m going and then change into my flats. Or…maybe I will find the perfect solution as I am perusing the new Pre-Fall collections


Wear funky tights. These would totally rock under pants too. pic from 3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-fall 2013

More funky tights. Do I sense a trend?  From Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013


Or I could just start wearing really long pants. Who knows what’s under there! Giles Pre-fall 2013


Or embrace the boot. Probably not some that have holes in them…but you get the idea. Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2013


I think this weekend I’ll do a little research and development in my closet. (That would be researching new ideas and developing new looks if you’re curious). If all goes well…or even if all goes horribly, I feel the pictures will be great either way. Until then (aka: TGSC Part 2)…stay warm!


ps. Don’t forget to stay tuned tomorrow for the good of the week. ;0

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