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The Easiest DIY Jewelry Holder Ever

January 15, 2013

A couple weeks ago, I decided that I needed some sort of jewelry holder for my closet room/boudoir/wardrobe. I also decided that I should DIY instead of buy because a jewelry holder is much lower on my list of buying priorities, especially compared to the mucho expensive rug I want for my dining room. Plus, there’s like, a million, cheap ways to make a jewelry holder on line. Literally. Have you looked recently? I googled: DIY jewelry holder and up popped 1,660,000 results and oodles of pictures (which I went through in their entirety). What did I learn from this extensive research you may ask? Well, a) there are a lot of cool, albeit complicated, ways to do this out there, b) I don’t want anything complicated,  c) I don’t actually want to do what any of these people have done (although, I’m sure someone, somewhere has made this). And that’s what brings us to the easiest (and possibly, one of the cheapest, depending on what kind of materials you have laying around already) jewelry holder ever. Here’s what I did:

010      018

                BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

1) I went to Wal-Mart and bought corkboard in conveniently precut quarters.  They look like this:

The ones I used were Quartet Cork Tiles and were 12×12. They cost a grand total of about $5.95.


2) Then I used some black paint that I had at home to paint them black. Buying paint? I would recommend basic kid’s art paint (just make sure it’s not finger paint or poster paint). You can get this kind of acrylic paint for pretty cheap. I think my huge bottle was about 7 bucks. It’s also called Sargent Art, which quite honestly, is hilarious.




All of my painted squares. Here you can see the Quartet branding that came on the outside of the pack (for those of you visual people). The brown rectangle next to that is the stickies. They are literally a bunch of sticky squares.

3) Put the sticky squares on. They kindly give you enough to cover every square like this:



4) Apply to wall. I would probably make sure you knew where you were going to put it first. Then, depending on  your level of OCD-ness/anal retentiveness, either mark where you want your squares or just put them up.



5) Now all you have to do is add the jewelry. Earrings with posts or hooks I just put into the cork like tacks. Bracelets, necklaces, and hoop earrings I simply put up with sewing pins (because I have an abundance of those puppies). You could also use cute tacks, etc. I tried to keep it plain and simple so I could actually SEE my jewelry without getting distracted (a common issue I found during my research/mindless web searching).










There you go! Quick and cheap, this project can be made for under $10 (if you literally have no supplies already) and be made and put up in a day!

Can’t find these cute quarters? Just get a corkboard/piece of cork and paint it black.

WARNING! The stickies were not strong enough to hold up my bigger necklaces (that would be the square on the bottom right). Once I added more necklaces than this picture shows, it held up for a day or two and then fell down. I would recommend using very small nails and tapping them into the wall at each of the four corners of the board if you are hanging something heavier. Luckily that’s really easy to do once the piece is already sticking to the wall.

Happy Creating!


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