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What Does One Wear to a Monster Truck Show?

January 19, 2013

This is the question I asked myself when my husband came home and suggested going to a Monster Truck Show because a friend at work asked him. Neither of us have ever been to anything of the sort and we were like, ‘well, why not?’ So we booked tickets and are heading out to Canada to see what Canadian rednecks look like vehicles annihilate one another. But now it’s time to pack and I’m clueless (and obviously procrastinating by writing this post). The voice inside my head says that I should just wear what normal people wear…like jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. However, a little part of me (ok, most of me) thinks that if I’m going to attend such said event I need to go balls in (which for the record, is not only a technical term, but also a term I love using). So I did the only logical thing one could do in my position. I started to research.

Upon googling and binging “Monster Truck Fans” these images came back:

Here’s what I’ve learned from these images (and some of it I just made up based on stereotypes):

  1. You must wear denim. The only substitute for denim is a pair of cargo pants. If you are wearing denim shorts, they MUST be longer than the knee, but shorter than a pant (after all, you don’t want people thinking your gay or something…at the truck show…)
  2. Graphic tees are a must. Bonus points if they refer to America or bone crushing death (ie: Grave Digger).
  3. It’s okay to look mentally challenged. (For the record, the girl with the headphones picture, that I stole off the internet, is NOT a picture of someone who is retarded. I creeped through the rest of her family’s flickr pictures and she is actually a normal child with an affinity towards weird faces- hence probably why I liked her so much). I think I might try to steer clear of the mentally challenged look and take the homeless, haven’t showered in three days look.
  4. Lastly, looking like a hipster is okay too. But really, do those kids even know where they are?

Okay, so now that we’ve done some visual research, we need to do some written research. Which, for the record, is me typing in “What does one wear to a monster truck show” into Google and Bing.

The results are just as hilarious as I would have hoped. Here are results for the question:

What do I wear to a monster truck show?

definately pants, preferably jeans.
and just a t-shirt. because u dont
wanna look TOO cute just in case somethin
happened. but hope u have fun at the show 😀

I’m sorry…in case something happened? What could happen, a rogue wheel hit you in the face? What does that even MEAN?? Now I’m worried.

like jean shorts tank top clogs are sneankers

How exactly do you wear both clogs and sneakers at the same time? Does this person even know English?

Lol think sexy redneck, like Daisy Duke. Short cut-off denim shorts, tank top, plaid shirt, maybe a trucker hat. (This isn’t the Kentucky Derby.)
EDIT: Haha just for the record, that isn’t my style at all either! But I’ve been to a monster truck show before (years ago) and that’s how a lot of girls dressed. Just wear whatever you want, it’s not a costume party where you have to dress a part 🙂


I live in Montana

My favorite part about this answer that I found on Yahoo answers (where it asks you to cite anywhere you got information- hence sources) this woman puts Montana as her source. LMAO.

I would recommend track pants, a nascar shirt, and it would probably be best if you put your hair into the "mullet" style.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a serious answer.

dress warm because its usually cold, but dont be to fashionable either, dont bring a purse or nuthing cause you might lose it or get it stolen. although dont look like an idiot with a dress do look a little good because your boyfriends friends will be there and you want them to be jealous =D

…And whatever you do, don’t use good grammar.

and last, but certainly not least:

simple tshirt and jeans, sneakers and a hoodie (if it’s cold). you don’t want to dress super cute or have open toe shoes, because it’s a dirty place and they’ll be lots of drunk "locals" who will be throwing beer everywhere, jumping around, and getting into fights. monster truck show is the place for casual clothes that you really don’t care if they get ruined.

Hmmm drunk locals…how can I get into that crowd? Is there going to be a mosh pit? For the record, I don’t own anything I would like to get ruined. Hmmm.

Now that I have gathered all my research, I feel able to make an educated decision. Here are my final results:

What I would wear to a Monster Truck Show (in Canada):

Labatt (it’s like the Budweiser of Canada) Denim Jacket


Wolf shirt. XL (maybe I can tie the bottom up in a scrunchie?? Oh wait, nm, it’s a monster truck show, not the 80’s)

Camo Cargo Pants. Maybe I’ll get the manicure this chick has too.

And some Converse all-stars. Simply, because I feel that this outfit needs a little more red to balance out the blue tones.

Please note how I actually gave you the links to all of these items. Now you too can own your  very own Monster Truck Show appropriate attire. You never know when the opportunity may come up, so stock up now!

I’ll give you a full report when I come back (and hopefully I will also have some good pics). 


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  1. February 6, 2013 3:36 pm

    Fabulous. Love it.


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