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Macaroni and Cheese Cornbread Bake aka: Carb-loading Comfort Food

January 30, 2013

You know those days when you try something new out of necessity, boredom, etc and all of sudden you realize that you landed on the mother load? No? Well, maybe you should be more adventuresome. Yes? Well, you’ll understand what happened to me last night.

Usually I make very healthy, plant based meals. However, yesterday I was tired from the day  (which included a costly trip to the DMV), mildly depressed (see: DMV), and just ready for some good ol’ comfort food (aka: my way of saying F*** it to the world). I decided to make a macaroni and cheese bake and started to get to work. I hate using recipes, so I just started throwing things in a pot for the sauce (the ingredients were based on my previously posted mac and cheese recipe). At some point I realized that I had too much liquid and needed to thicken it out a little. I went to the pantry to browse through my thickening options: almond flour, regular flour, cornmeal…arrowroot. I chose the cornmeal simply because I had a package that was almost empty and I wanted to get it out of the pantry. This is when my aha-moment hit. OMG- I am basically making a weird form of cheesy c0rnbread that I am going to pour all over this macaroni and bake. HOLY SHIT. It’s cornbread mac and cheese.

I’m sure this has been done before, but I was ecstatic. I didn’t put enough cornbread flour to make it rise a ton, but it did bake out perfectly so that you could cut it with a knife. My next experiment (which will include pics of the process, rather than just an aftershot of goodness) is going to actually combine my cornbread recipe* with my mac and cheese recipe. Like for reals. Intentionally. Not just what I made last night. I might have to wait a week or so to try it (I don’t want my husband to keel over dead from lack of veggies- yeah right) but stay tuned…it’s going to happen.

*Yeah, so when I say ‘my’ cornbread recipe. I mean the recipe I took from Southern Living and adopted to my veganess. This recipe is fuh-mazing.


Whatcha lookin at: macaroni noodles + cornbread cheese sauce + green beans + tomatoes + panko bread crumbs on top


OMG- I’m getting excited just thinking about having this for lunch.

xoxo- Bucky

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  1. February 6, 2013 9:06 am

    Love “maccheroni” and lovely blog!! I’m following you and a big kiss from ITALY!!!!

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