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Snow and the City

February 11, 2013

Day three of fashion week and guess who makes a star appearance? Yeah, that’s right…Nemo. It’s not very often that the Island in the Ocean (aka: Manhattan) gets pounded with inches of snow during fashion week, but this year was different. My main question was, how do you show up to the fall shows wearing the newest hottest Spring clothing (that’s how things work) when it’s literally apocalypsing outside? Luckily, we have Tommy Ton documenting the whole event, because  I mean really, are you going to stand out in the snow and take pictures?  Here are some of my favorites of his.


NYFW Dressing For Nemo Option 1: Forgo any thoughts of Spring clothes. Instead, aim for depressing dominatrix apparel.

NYFW Dressing For Nemo Option 2: Actually wear warm clothes (woah, fashion being sensible?? alert the press)

NYFW Dressing For Nemo Option 3: Be ridiculous. In the best way possible (isn’t that what fashion is about?)

NYFW Dressing For Nemo Option 4: If all else fails, just have someone carry you.

Personally, I like the last option the best. This is the best way to avoid wearing socks in the winter time and still keep your feet dry that I’ve ever seen.

Now buddle up and stay warm…no matter where you are!

xoxox Bucky

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