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DIY: Applique Bracelets

February 16, 2013

There is nothing as exciting to me as getting new magazines. I especially love getting fashion magazines at the beginning of a season (ie: when all the new spring or fall ads are out). This week I received my new Harper’s Bazaar, and because Spring is my favorite season I was dually excited to dig in to it. Ok, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t finished it yet,  but I am more than halfway through. What a disappointment! Not just at Harper’s, but at everything. The ads, the ‘Spring’ trends!! Maybe it’s my SADs kicking in, but it was just really depressing to be expecting Spring clothes and see a bunch of black and white and gold. For one: snooze (come on…I know what to do with a pencil skirt and white button down). For two: I’m sorry, what season is this? Fall? Winter? Come on people!

I’ll save you the rest of my ranting. After my big Spring let down I was craving something fun and Springy to fill the void that the magazine should have. That’s when I sat down with my craft box, a hopelessly broken sewing box filled with odds and ends that I’ve picked up or acquired through the years. I immediately found a bunch of appliques that I bought (probably in high school) and had never used. What better way to use them up than to make kitschy bracelets out of them!!! Check out my fun little creations below. 003

All the necessary goods.


I laid out everything according to the three different bracelets. The clasps and needle and thread were used to assemble all three.


The finished bracelets. Left: Bones. I used black cord to attach the clasps. Middle: Donny Duck has gold beads attached to him. The attaching end (on top) has a few extra strands of beads to dangle down. Right: Flower Power. This is made from several different appliques that I hand sewed together. Think of it as a collage for your arms.


All together now


I’ve been in a layering bracelet sort of mood lately. Donald, here, keeps things from getting too serious.


Bones and vintage bangles from my Grandmother. Oh yeah, and a little chocolate, hot tea, and sunlamp action in the  back aren’t too bad either.


Don’t these sweet little flowers just make you happy? That’s what Spring is all about!



And…Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone! Haha. I think all that chocolate affected my brain and kept me from posting this on the correct day.

Have fun creating! The possibilities are literally endless. Here’s a tip: appliques are usually pretty stiff. If you want your bracelets to stay fairly flat, use smaller appliques (like the little flowers above) and hand sew them all together. That will give you greater flexibility than one big applique.

Also- I decided to amp up the Spring attitude with some fresh nail polish.


Seriously crushing on this blue color from Loreal (Club Prive) right now!

xoxo -Bucky

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