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Easy (& affordable!) Ways to Make Your Home More Resort-Like

February 28, 2013

It’s a pretty well known fact that February is the Monday of months, and even though it’s drawing to an end (thank goodness), it’s not exactly summertime yet. This is the time of year people (I’m assuming I’m not the only one) start daydreaming about spa vacations and exotic resorts. In an attempt to stay sane/out of a depressive state until such said spring vacations can happen I came up with a happy list of little things you can do around your home to make it just wee bit more luxurious. Enjoy.

  • Make a coffee/tea station. I have a kitchen cart in my pantry that holds my coffee maker along with all my coffees and teas on a regular basis. It’s so nice to have these items at my fingertips in their own special place for when I need a relaxing drink. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy…it just needs to be set up as if someone else has prepared all the necessary items for you. Hot tea anyone?


  • Clean. Okay, I know this one isn’t so exciting…but I know that one of the things I love most  about vacations are the clean, perfectly organized rooms. You don’t have to wash the windows, but simply picking up and organizing can bring your stress levels down. Aren’t you enticed by the cleanliness of the room below??


  • If you do not own any pretty soap go to TJMaxx, like right now, and buy some. It’s only $3-$5 for beautiful boxes of soap bars. I like to keep them around the house  in case guests visit. Don’t ever underestimate the little luxuries


  • Also- if you don’t own a bathrobe, go get one of those too. Everyone has different preferences, but I like the long plushy kind. Pick this up while you are at TJMaxx getting soap. Put it in the dryer for 20 minutes and wear immediately post shower. It’s like heaven.

Woven Workz Unisex 'Boston' Pink Microfiber Bath Robe


  • It’s to hard to have a resort without a spa. I’m a big steam room (have you noticed that I place a high value on warmness??) person so I like to turn my water heater all the way up (it comes out basically boiling) and then close myself in the bathroom with the shower running on full blast. Obviously you don’t want to sit in the shower, just put a towel down on the floor and relax in the steam (see, aren’t you glad you cleaned the house?)


  • Buy some stones (you can find them anywhere…your yard, a craft store, walmart…) and heat them up in the towel in the microwave. Put in your house slippers and enjoy while you are watching tv/reading/whatever. You can also use them in the bath tub (heat them in the water) and place on your face. This only sounds ridiculous if you’ve never had a hot stone massage.


  • Reserve a quiet space in your home for relaxing time. If you are into yoga or meditation, you understand designating a space for relaxation- this is the same idea. Whether it’s your bathroom every Friday night at 8 or the living room floor when the kids are at school, take some time to light some candles, relax, and do whatever makes you happy. For me this would include an hour long bath.

The whole idea of a resort is to get away from your daily life. That’s not always possible, but a few nice changes in your routine will help bring the resort life to you. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go finish ripping apart a chair and then it’s my hour long bubble bath time. Smile

xoxo Bucky

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