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Dear Bucky: How Do I Wear A Beanie?

March 5, 2013

Dear Bucky,

Beanies seem to be really big right now and I’ve tried wearing one a few times. I always feel really stupid with it on and never end up wearing it out. I love this trend, any ideas to help me out?

– Beanie baffled

Dear Beanie Baffled,

May the future of beanies become ever clearer for you. (As you have already noticed…) Beanies are everywhere right now. In fact I was talking to Merlin B (read: younger, more urban, cooler) the other day and she was like, “Leslie, you have to get a beanie” in the same somewhat exasperated tone a child uses with her unhip mom. Yeah, I know. And I did. (Okay, I already HAD some beanies, I just started wearing them.) Follow this step by step guide and you can’t go wrong. And btws- these pictures are all from the past few Fall 2013 Fashion Weeks and taken from Tommy Ton (check more out at…so you know these are the pros.

1) Pick out a beanie. Seriously, this is quite easy. Go to Walmart and there are $1 (on sale from 2) in the men’s department. Or have your Grandmother knit one. This is actually one of those fashion things that nobody will ever know. (cue: spend the saved money on new shoes).

2) Decide how you want to wear it. Notice the girl in the left is going all High and Mighty  with her beanie, while the chick on the right is keeping it real (low). There’s not really a bad way to wear a beanie. If you have a long face, go for something a little more slouchy or short.

This is a perfect slouchy beanie example.

3) Decide what to wear with it. This may be the hardest part, especially if you associate beanies with downhill skiing and not fashion. Beanies are a very winter urbanite accessory and for that reason should not be paired with too much structured and/or out of season clothing (ie: sundress) unless you are a fashion somebody with overwhelming amounts of confidence. To start with, keep it neutral (your hat that is). I have examples otherwise here, but believe me, it will be easier. Opt for a black or grey. Now, dress in layers, play with proportions, and channel your inner hipster. See captions below pictures.

The length of her sweater allows or her to wear a more structured skirt and high heels without looking like a weirdo. Think slouchy. This type of sweater would also look cool with jeans and boots. The hat is f-ing fabulous.

We’ve broken out of the grey (literally) here with a neon hat which nicely plays off  her neon Hermes shirt. Note the loose, holey jeans, shaggy jacket, and sweatshirt. You want to look like a really respectful bum, okay? That doesn’t work for you? Try wearing a button down shirt like she did with the collar poking out to add a little bit of class.

Beanies are winter weather accessories, so obviously, the easiest way to wear them is with coats. I prefer an oversized coat, skinny pants, and boots. Skinny and unusually long sweater showing from beneath the coat optional.

If in doubt, wear black. Maybe not head to toe (beanie included) or you will look like you’re on your way to a homeless person’s funeral…but you know what I mean. Try: jeans, black coat, grey sweater, beanie. Voila. Easier than you thought.

As for other facial accessories, keep those to a minimum. Glasses will make you look like Liz Lemon (not always a bad thing). Earrings should be studs (or else you look like you are heading to prom…with a cold head). Scarves are definitely okay add ons and may be a good training tool to get you used to wearing a beanie.

Don’t like the boring beanie? Spice it up a little bit with studs, veils, and pom poms. The possibilities are really quite endless. Pictures are links.

Studded spiked BEANIE black red green navyBlack Veiled BeanieBeanie With Detachable Pom Pom Slouchy Dark Purple Beanie Purple Chunky Knit Slouchy Beanie Chunky Beanie Chunky Knit Purple Beanie Wool


Hope that helps! Happy Beanie wearing,


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  1. March 5, 2013 10:55 am

    Reblogged this on merlin.b and commented:
    Since I couldn’t say it any better myself…here’s a hilariously great post on a great trend

  2. November 3, 2013 5:30 pm

    Cool beanies so fashion love it!

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