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Black and White: The Newest ‘Colors’ For Spring

March 22, 2013

Okay, not to get all color theory on you, but technically black is the absence of color and white is all the colors combined…so saying that black and white are the new spring colors is a little contrived. Regardless, you know what I mean. Black and white is everywhere and I’m not going to lie, I kind of hate it. You may remember a random number of blog posts ago when I went off on the (march?) Harper’s Bazaar because of the complete lack of Spring-ness it displayed. Instead of spring colors and florals, it showed multiple trends along the black and white line. (Side note: I was much happier with this month’s Haper’s). Ironically, as much as I hate holding on to the black of winter for as long as possible (black is a very love-hate affair with me) I can’t seem to stop dressing in black and white. It’s chic, it’s easy, and sometimes…it can be a little boring (read: white button down and black pencil skirt). In honor (or to help my tolerance of) this trend, I decided to comb through my closet this dreary day and extract some of my fav black and white pieces. Cue: photo shoot. I mean, what else am I supposed to do when it’s having a blizzard outside?


These pants are so incredibly fun. They really take wide leg to the next level


How could I possibly do a black and white photo shoot without the most black and white thing in the family: Jacques?? (He’s body is even whiter than mine- a rarity)


In case you’re wondering if I took black and white to the next level by dying my hair ridiculously dark and avoiding sunshine to achieve that perfectly pasty vampire skin tone- I didn’t. That all happens to be 100% natural, for better or worse.


Thrift store clip on earrings.


Layer on the bracelets! From left to right: Bone [my own wonderful creation], Thin bangle [Leslie Fendig Designs], Enamel Bangles and Gold Bracelet [from my grandmother], Clip-on Gold Earrings [Goodwill]


Shoes [Century 21], Clutch [Personal creation], Bunny Top and Check Pants [Tibi]

In an attempt to get a little color in my black and white, I paired up this great BCBG jacket from Catherine’s in Iowa City with a summer staple dress that I made from some fabric a wonderful friend brought me from Thailand.


Mixing prints and patterns is totally okay. It works better if you can have several different size prints. See: small print on dress, large print on shoes. Also note Jacques little head in the picture on the right. He has no idea what’s going on.


I love a dress that’s a little longer in the back.


Dress [my own], Jacket [BCBG], Bag [Kate Spade], Shoes [TJMAXX], Necklaces: Eyeglasses [Mint Green Boutique], Large Gold Chain [J.Crew], Small Gold and Black Chain [J.Crew]


Earrings [Agora], Chair [Antique store in Dunkirk, NY], Necklaces from above.

Unfortunately it’s snowing here (like woah) so I won’t be able to leave the house in any cropped tops or summer dresses anytime soon…but it’s never to early to dream.

Hoping you the warmest of weather-


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