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The Sequin Series: Part 1

March 29, 2013

I’ve never been a very sequiny person. Yes, I’ve donned the occasional sequin New Years Dress (once) but I’ve never been one to have copious amounts of sequin clothing. In fact, up until the summer of 2008, I didn’t own one sequin piece of clothing. And then Fourth of July, of all holidays, rolled around and without warning, I was bitten by the sequin bug. I resolutely decided that my Fourth of July outfit not only contain sequins but that it would be very specifically: Sequin gym shorts. A few short hours on the internet later, I had found the perfect pair of gold sequin gym shorts. And thus is started. Now I three sequin pieces and over the next three Fridays I’ll let you meet each one. The beginning outfit is actually my second ever pair of sequin shorts (I know, it’s evil, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see the original sequin gym short). They are high waisted, boast polka dots, and kind of make me feel like a dancer from a 1950’s movie.

I love the look of someone just standing on these boxes (yes, left over from our move five months ago). I originally wanted to crop the pictures so it was just me. However, after reviewing the pictures and seeing our cute and very curious friend in them, I decided to leave a wider view. Who can crop out something that cute?

I wasn’t really going for a Southwestern/Cowgirl/Spanish Inquisition look, but that’s kind of where it ended up…and I like it.


The modern Texas tie: a carefully placed brooch



The Derby hat is the Cowboy hat of the South.




Left: The new rosary: Key necklace [tiffanys], Right: brooch


outfit: top [j.crew], shorts [tjmaxx], brooch [Agora], black heels [Century 21], black boots [urban outfitters]

More pasty legs next Friday with our next part of the sequin series!

xoxo Bucky

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