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Easter Brunch or Party, Party, Party, Sunday

April 1, 2013

I know you’ve been hearing about our Easter Brunch for a while (and I know that you’re secretly happy that it’s over), but you really should understand what makes me tick…and it all starts with magazines. Magazines never really held a lot of power over me when it came to the typical worries like wanting to look skinny like the models or needing the latest, most expensive shoes. The magazine that really does me in is Southern Living. Seriously, when I get my new magazine each month, you would think that someone delivered a gallon of calorie free ice cream to my door. Maybe because I am an expat in the North and this is my little life line to all things Southern. Anyhow, one of the more torturous parts of SL is the party section. I love to party. And I love to hang out with friends. So naturally, I want to throw great parties for my friends. Various things have prevented this in the recent past (namely space), but now I am have a dining room big enough for an entire church gathering, so it’s balls to the wall…starting with Easter Brunch.


A rough version of the front and back of the invites. They were printed on a crème cardstock. These were probably some sort of copyright infringement with Peter there, but I’m not selling them or anything.


There are so many reasons to serve champagne: 1) Easter is a celebratory holiday 2) I gave up alcohol for Lent and champagne is my fav 3) There were some people at our party who (hold on to your hats) have never had a mimosa (say what!?!)


Recognize the topiaries? They are a little wind blown (aka: top heavy) but they never fell! The sign is made from the same font that I used for the invites (it’s called Dutch and Harley and you can get it at


Choices are always good. I’m a big grapefruit fan myself


We had 12 people coming, which conveniently turned out to be two tables of 6. I mixed and matched the plates so it all looked cohesive.




I staged this for the pictures before the meat was ready…but the meat actually went right in the middle of all those glorious vegetables.




I absolutely adore these Peter Cotton-tail plates and I love the look of them with our monogrammed wedding china.


The other table. With all the exact same food.


I wanted to keep the menu simple so that I could make everything the day before and it would be super easy. Sure enough, this menu was a breeze! And it got quite a few compliments!  


More plate mix and matching. If you created some kind of a rhythm or pattern with the plates, it looked intentional rather than, I only have four of these types of plates.


Salt and pepper shakers. Andrew wanted to make ribs, so I ditched the cloth napkin idea and went for paper.


Quinoa spinach salad with roasted chick peas. So delicious!


Remember when I told you how to make a buffet table from an ironing board? I just covered it in a couple yards of fabric and tied bows on the ends so you couldn’t see underneath. No one knew. In fact, my husband didn’t even ask where that piece of ‘furniture’ came from.


Mini strawberry pies! I actually set these where the drink glasses on the mimosa bar were after dinner. That way, people could help themselves to desert if they wanted some. I hate when food is forced on you.


I simply used a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut out the pie crust and baked it in muffin tins. Once the shells were cool I added just a touch of vegan cream cheese, then fresh strawberries, then strawberry puree. Voila! So easy. This would be perfect for a shower or similar event.




See how unreasonably large this room is? Perfect for occasions like this.


Let’s go visit the master meat cooker.


The day before the party Andrew comes home with so much meat from the store (3 racks of ribs and like 12 birds). That was a lot to tackle, but he got it all baked, grilled, and fried up in time.


Working away frying that chicken.


Doesn’t raw meat look awesome? (Answer: no. I hung out somewhere else while he tortured these carcasses)


And last but not least you get to see that nifty fascinator from an early post. It looks a little bride-like but I can think of a couple reasons that’s ok: 1) the church is supposed to be Christ’s bridegroom 2) Easter is all about the color white 3) With my skin tone, I really look more like a ghost than anything else so it’s more ghostly than bride-ly


Thanks for partying along with me! I hope everyone had a super fantastic Easter!

xoxo Bucky

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  1. Betsy Friedman permalink
    April 1, 2013 11:59 am

    Thank you for sharing this. Charming.

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