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Calling All Birds!

April 3, 2013

And by birds I mean Twitter-ers, not middle fingers. Although middle fingers are (usually) long, elegant, and useful for oversized cocktail rings and typing tweets. I started using Twitter however long ago when my much-cooler-than-me little sister visited and was like, ‘Leslie, you need a Twitter account’. I consented and just like a baby to candy, I’ve been addicted ever since. I currently have two personal blogs (one for life and one for work) and one blog that I just started starring my cat: Jacques. Here’s the lowdown on each and why you should follow me (click on the name to follow):

1) @LesliniLou22.

This was the original. It’s all those little daily life moments that make you say, “man, I could have a drink right now”.

Reasons you should follow @LesliniLou22:

  • Hilarious things happen in my life and I tell you about them so you can laugh at me.
  • I only follow funny people, so you know any rare retweets are going to be good.
  • Example tweet: “Welcome back from your 2 week vaca. Here are four bills for you. xoxoxo State Farm”

2) @WearBuchanan.

This is the account for my label: Buchanan. It’s kind of like in middle school when you got to shadow someone for a day at work…except online…and much less boring.

Reasons you should follow @WearBuchanan:

  • All my new Bucky[theblog] posts show up directly on my Twitter. You will never miss another Easter hat tutorial or vegan recipe ever again.
  • I don’t like all the brand twitters that always write a ton about things no one cares about. I go for quality (read: funny) over quantity.
  • Example tweet: “I feel the need to add taxidermied animals to my fall collection. Like, attached to the clothes. Cue: time for bed.” Welcome to the creative process.

3) @MyCatJacques.

Seriously? Seriously. This could possibly be the most intense form of schizophrenic narcissism, or it could just be that funny cats on the internet are a way of life. The jury is still out on that one.

Reasons you should follow @MyCatJacques:

  • Jacques is really quite funny.
  • Typing with no opposable thumbs is very difficult, so he needs a little bit of support from fans to stay motivated.
  • Example tweet: “I always sport the luxury fur coat. I was made for winter bitches.”


There you go. I know that you sit around bored, thinking…”If only I could distract myself somehow with pointless, entertaining humor…” so, I delivered.

See you in the birdcage, friends.


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