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The Sequin Series: Part 2

April 5, 2013

Remember last Friday when I told you about that amazing pair of sequin gym shorts that started my little sequin short obsession? (Miss out on that little story? Click here) Well, behold: here they are! My usual pairing with these shorts is a boys XXL navy blue polo shirt from Walmart (for reals). When you don’t live anywhere too fancy you need to dress it down a bit. This outfit is a bit more exciting that my normal oversized blue polo, but still pretty casual. Enjoy the pasty-ness.


You can’t really see the gym short part of these babies (they cross over on the sides), but believe me, they’re there.


These are my beach shoes. They literally still have sand in them. I love how Keds like they are (and super easy to wear)


This tunic was one of my best purchases ever. I button it up, I belt it, I leave it open, I wrap it, it does everything.


Gangsta pose


I like to wear these shorts as high up as possible…because, No, it doesn’t get better than high waisted sequin shorts (didn’t you learn that in part 1?)


Our little friend is back to visit


Shorts [Ebay], Tank [J.Crew], Chambry Top [Old Navy], Shoes [Walmart], Necklace [J.Crew], Clutch [H&M], Adorable Kitty Cat [heaven].

Next Friday is the last of the Sequin Series and you won’t want to miss it!  Here’s a hint of things to come: I’m calling the next look the Sequined Swami. Smile

Thanks for hanging out!

xoxo Bucky

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