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DIY: Wedding Invitation Coasters

April 9, 2013

For whatever reason, I had an extreme shortage of coasters that matched with my dishware (tragedy, I know) and I’ve been on the lookout for ways to remedy this problem. That’s when I remembered that my dad made these really awesome plexi-glass squares for me so I could make some coasters like ages ago (and I was supposed to make them for a friend…but ooops). Anyhow…I decided to use some of our leftover wedding invites and turn them into coasters. I’m not a huge wedding person (I don’t really have anything in our house that says anything about marriage really) but I had a few invites left over and they did happen to match the dishes.  You could use glass tiles from the hardware store to get the same effect. And of course, you could use any paper product, not just wedding invites.

STEP 1: Get your tiles out. Make sure they are clean. The last thing you want is cat hair stuck in your coasters. (uh, gross)


STEP 2: Get your invites. Start deciding what pieces you want to highlight.


STEP 3: Lay your tiles over the invite and use a pencil to outline the squares


STEP 4: Cut out the squares from your invite


STEP 5: Position invite behind tiles to get an idea of how they all look together


STEP 6: I modge podged my invites to the plexi-glass. The invite was too think to simply put one layer on the outside, so I had to put a layer on the glass and then stick the invite to that. I think if I did it again, I would use spray adhesive to attach the invite to the glass, and then modge podge the back. (On another note- that Banana Republic chic is really interested in this post isn’t she?)


Try to keep out any bubbles like this:


Wait for the coasters to dry and voila! You are finished!


Because of the modge podge layer in between the tile and the invite, it made it look a little streaky, but I’m still happy with the outcome!



Ps. I just made some other coasters from faux fur that are incredible! Watch out for the post on those puppies next week!

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