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The Sequin Series: Part 3

April 12, 2013

I know I had your attention when I said Sequined Swami in the last Sequin Series Post. (Check out Parts 1 and 2 if you  haven’t already) My third sequin garment (yes, I only own three) is this dress. It was one of those $20 at TJMaxx New Years kind of deals and I couldn’t resist. I actually wore it on New Years with this vest, a black belt (with jewel encrusted cougars on the belt buckle of course), and super high black heels. I couldn’t run the risk after all of looking like 200 other girls that all bought the same dress. I took most of these pictures with the vest open, but it actually buttons down all the way to the floor, which is so cool and my other favorite way to wear it. (I’ll button it all the way up and wear a brooch right at the neck. It’s like weirdly conservative…but see through). Enjoy!


One of the greatest things about wearing this vest open is how it flows. It’s very elegant when it just floats along behind you.


My ‘turban’ is actually an infinity scarf that I made and wrapped around my head until it wouldn’t move anymore. I actually have a small collection of real turbans too…


The sequin number is a nice little surprise under the long sheer shirtdress


I love how subtly see through it is


The ultimate Swami pose


Love the look of this wrapped. Style tip: If you don’t like the way something looks, try wrapping and belting it (given that it opens, of course)


Turban Headband [my own creation], Vest/Dress [TJMaxx], Sequin Dress [TJMaxx], Shoes [Old Navy]

Thanks for following along with the sequin series! More fashion posts to come (because I know you want to see more of the whitest girl ever on top of a pile of boxes…)

Smile Bucky

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