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Buchanan on Vacation

April 15, 2013

The weary dreary sunlessness of the Great White North was really getting to me, so we took a week to seek warmness and solitude in the South. The best part of this trip was finally getting to wear all my Buchanan pieces from the Spring Collection that I have just been starring at in my studio all winter long (talk about torture!) I very ambitiously decided to take a picture each day of me rocking my Buchanan clothes on vacation and it kind of happened (but not really). Unfortunately, I missed on some great outfits because I was having too much fun, but I’ll share what I did capture:


My husband is obsessed with Larry’s Giant Subs. I think it’s hilarious that he must go to a ‘New York Style Deli’ when we are finally out of New York and in Georgia. I’m wearing the Chloe Tunic in white and Ava Short in Cotton Print.


Yes, that’s right. We rented a trike. Complete with a little basket in the back for a twelve pack of beer (which we did not utilize to its fullest extent). I’m wearing the Trina Tank in Linen Stripe and The Ava Short in Khaki


Check back on Wednesday to learn how you can win this awesome tank I’m wearing! (Obviously, it won’t be the exact same top. That’s gross. You’ll get a shiny new one. Unless you want the one I’m wearing you sicko.)


A little downtown Thai lunch action. I’m wearing the Eleanor Jacket in Khaki,  my own jeans, and Target platforms.

Okay, so I didn’t quite get my church ensemble or my travel outfits, but they were pretty awesome too. Just take my word for it. Now I’m finished playing around and I’m ready to hit the studio again and start whipping up some fun things for summer. Projects on my list include: a line of summer scarves/headbands, and a small summer essentials capsule collection!

Wishing you warmness and happiness,


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