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A Night In Niagara

April 29, 2013

My in-laws were in town the past couple days, which means lots of vineyards, good food, and of course- Niagara Falls! We don’t live very far away, so it’s a very reasonable little getaway. If you want to hear more about the trip + actual pictures of the falls (I threw in one for good humor here) you can check out my more personal blog (that sounds creepy, but it just has stuff that only people who know me would enjoy) Elle’s Adventures. I’ll probably post something tomorrow about Niagara. Until then…enjoy my weekend outfits:

Niagra 002

Getting ready to leave on Saturday. Andrew caught me mid boot pulling up. He told me I looked very ‘Annie Hall’. I don’t think he was too fond of the buttoned up to the neck shirt. I told him I had to button up the shirt so I didn’t look like a prostitute in a mini dress and thigh high boots. I mean, we were hanging out with his parents (not a time to look like a prostitute)

Niagra 007

I love these over the knee suede and leather boots!! And they have a baby heel which keeps them from look skanky.

Blouse [Jcrew], Jumper Dress [Gap], Boots [vintage]

Niagra 056

Everywhere I go I bring that brown bag on the bed. I’ve taken it on overnight trips to New York, 3 weeks abroad in China, and for 10 days to France (for my wedding!) The day it dies I will be so sad. Can you believe I fit 10 days worth of clothes and a wedding dress in there?

Niagra 108

It didn’t seem right to not have a picture of the falls.

Niagra 025

Lounging in the room on Sunday. I originally brought a fab pair of leopard heels, but I ended up in my flats instead.

Niagra 087

Checkin’ out the sights from up close.

Blouse [TJMAxx], Sweater [Gap], Pants [JCrew], Shoes [Target]

Niagra 150

That’s all folks! I’m going to leave you with this goofy smile.

Hope you had a fun weekend too!



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