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Get Out Your Hat, It’s Derby Time!!

May 3, 2013

I don’t think I’ve said this before, so I’ll say it now…May is the absolute best month of the year! And I’m not just saying that because my birthday and my anniversary is in May (okay, maybe that helps a little). Aside from the fact that I have a reason to party all month (birthday month, duh) there is also Cinco de Mayo and my personal fav…the Kentucky Derby.

Last year my husband and I decided to throw a Derby party the minute we discovered one of our friends had never had a mint julep (HOWWW is that even possible?!?) The party consisted of us in our best dressed (hat for her, seersucker suit for him), a complete julep bar worthy of Southern Living (it literally came out of that year’s SL), and of course- watching the most famous 2 minutes of sports history. My horse, I’ll have another, won and I couldn’t be more proud. Perfect time to have another, is is not? There will be a lot of pressure to pick the winner this year. I’ve chosen: Oxbow, Golden Soul (although I think Black would be better than Golden), and Giant Finish (I’ll refrain from any terrible sexual jokes here). We will see.

In the meantime, here’s a couple things you need to get all Derby ready:

1) A Hat

Obviously. The bigger the better, although fascinators are very ‘in’ right now (thanks Princess Kate!) Most Southern towns (and even some fine Midwestern ones I’ve lived in) have somewhere you can buy a Derby hat, just ask. If you can’t find anything locally, Nordstrom’s has a nice selection as do many specialty online stores. Personally I love the wide brimmed ones.

August Hat 'Garnet Romantic' Hat

Hat [Nordstrom’s]

2) A Dress

Now that you have the fabulous hat, you just need a dress. I’m really feeling a white dress this year, but since we are heading to a bar to watch the actually Derby Race, I’m thinking otherwise. This cute little number from Pearl Southern Couture is actually called the Derby Dress:

Dress [Pearl Southern Couture], Aren’t those shoes awesome too?!? If you’ll be outside at all, stick to wedges so your heels don’t sink in the ground.

I may wear this little piece belted with a cool jacket (and hat, of course):


Dress [Buchanan]. I’ll be sure to post pictures of my final outfit once I decide. Smile

3) A Drink In Your Hand

Now that you’re dressed properly, let’s not forget the most important accessory: the mint julep.

The Ultimate Julep Bar

The ultimate Mint Julep Bar from Southern Living circa,  like, last year. For more than you would ever want to know about Mint Juleps (including the four ingredients to make this masterpiece) check out this SL article.

Obviously you can’t serve Mint Juleps without Mint Julep cups (well, you could…but do you really want to?) A lot of times local jewelry stores or gift shops have these iconic silver cups you can monogram, because let’s be real…is there anything a Southern woman DOESN’T want to monogram?


Louisiana Collection Mint Julep Cups

Monogrammed Mint Julep Cup []. Side bonus: If you’re looking for a great graduation present,  or gift in general, these are perfect! Even if the recipient doesn’t drink, they can still use them as small vases (I put hydrangeas in them), makeup brush holders, or regular drinking cups.

You are now properly dressed and accessorized. All you have to do know is pick your horses and get your drink on! Side note to that- Drinking is fun, but make sure you don’t end up as ‘that person’ this weekend. You know what I mean, that girl (or guy) that can’t hold their liquor (we are basically drinking straight up bourbon here) and is falling down, accidently flashing everyone around, and saying crass things. If there’s one day you should pick up your drinking etiquette a notch, why not do it while you’re dressed like a lady and drinking out of silver? (Duh).

Stay safe and have fun! May the best horse (cough*Oxbow*cough) win!


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