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A Moroccan Inspired Man Cave

May 16, 2013

Let me preface this with: I am not a professional decorator. I enjoy decorating, but I’m no Bunny Williams. In fact, if you get bored reading this post, you can look at any given picture and count the decorating errors (for example, in the below picture: paper blinds, randomly placed art, bent lamp). However, I am proud of where this room is going. Yeah, as in…it’s not quite there yet…but it’s going (see: paper blinds).

Here’s some background on the room. It’s a little small and kind of awkward. My husband and I move frequently with his job and just relocated from a 900 square foot apartment to a 3000 square foot house. You want to hear the decorating challenge? Depending on where we go next, we could be back in 900 square feet in a year or two (this is simply city vs. bumblef&*^ living expenses)…which means that you don’t want to stockpile furniture. This is where my whole idea of ‘traditional minimalism’ comes in.

I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but just because something is minimalistic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s uber modern and contemporary. One day I’ll show you my living room and it will all make since. I’ll save my rant for that time.  Until then, you just get the man cave.

The whole idea behind the ‘man cave’ was that my husband needed a space to disappear and watch TV and make a mess (his buffalo wing addiction is really getting out of hand). I didn’t want to buy a new couch for this room (and it’s awkwardly small for a couch), so I did a little ‘out of the couch’ thinking and this is what I came up with:


[Looking in from the doorway] I decided to make the room into a Moroccan lounging room,  but with traditional fabrics.


The floor pad is actually a futon that was given to me. I’ve covered it in a duvet quilt.


I love my cowhide rug. It adds that masculine touch.


A bookshelf in the corner holds all the banjo books and turns the room into a mini library.


I made this table from a mirror and from recycled wood/wood we stole from the neighbors. We call it our ‘reclaimed wood table’. I made the poufs to coordinate with the big pillows on the pad.


Just looking around you would probably assume we have kids…which we don’t. I wanted the room to also be a play room for us. Often times you can find my husband and I playing chutes and ladders and drinking wine (oh yeah and coloring in my coloring book with prisma color pencils…super classy)


A glass cloche keeps all my knitting supplies safe from the child that we do have…


…And that child gets an area of the room too. I keep all of his toys in the green glass vase. He knows how to take them out and play with them…but getting him to put them away is a whole different story.


I am a total fabric hoarder…so much so that I could make 12 pillows from leftover fabric! The brown pillow on the right and halfway in the picture on the left are made from old suits.


A mint julep cup houses the lighters.


A better look at our ‘reclaimed wood’ table.

We basically live in this room. We actually call the floor pad our cuddle pad because the whole family (ie: my husband, my cat, and I) will all curl up on the pad and watch movies together. Usually the pile of blankets in the corner is all over the cuddle pad making it difficult for anyone to want to leave. Welcome to my weekends.

As I said before, I’m not quite finished in here. The current wall art that we have is where it is because that’s where hooks were already. We have so many great LPs (like that signed Langhorne Slim one) that I want to frame them and put them on the wall in a more organized fashion. Maybe one day I will even get real curtains (which in case you are wondering, would probably be velvet…how cozy would that be?)

All in all, this room probably cost me nothing out of pocket. Everything was either free (the futon mattress) or was something I already had (the fabric, mirror, etc). The best part is, that if and when we downsize, I can easily use any of the pillows or fabrics in another room because the whole color story of my house goes together. Now that’s efficiency.

Hope you feel a little inspired, or even a little uplifted that your decorating skills are quite as bad as mine. Smile



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