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The Birth of a Pattern

June 4, 2013

If you’re just tuning in, here is the lowdown: I am a fashion designer and I recently launched a small collection of scarves and headbands made out of these nifty fabrics below. [You can check them all out of my website]


With the help of some starter sketches, I designed the prints for all this fabric and now I’m going to show you a little bit of the process.

I’ll start with The E.Coli Scarf, because it changed the most:

Step 1) Begin somewhere: This is the original sketch based off what E.Coli looks like.  ecoli

2) Call on the gods of Illustrator: On the left is the original sketch and one block of pattern I created in Illustrator. The right is the full pattern. Pros: love the color. Cons: kind of looks like pills.


Steps 3-48) Perfect, perfect, perfect: And when you think it’s finished…perfect again.

Step 49) Finalize the print: Now it no longer looks like pills and has some sort of geometric flow. I also added a trim of another pattern for the final scarf (not shown below).



Step 50) Make it into fabric: I send the print off to the factory and get it all printed up in my fabric of choice [which is cotton voile in this case]. And this is the end result:


Here are a few more beginning and ending pictures:


             The sketch                                                        The final headband

rna       RNA swatch

               The sketch                                                                The final scarf

And of course, we cannot forget the balloon girl:

Scarves                           BGflat

The original painting                                                The final scarf*

*Due to lighting, the colors of the balloon girl scarf are actually more accurate on the painting than the picture of scarf.

Et, Voila! Now you’ve seen the inside story. Needless to say, illustrator is my addiction and I plan on making more fabrics in the future!

Tell me which one is your favorite! I’d love to hear.

Happy Tuesday,


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