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One of Those Cold Days

June 6, 2013

Western New York is very like the Midwest in the fact that it can be 80 degrees one day and 50 the next. Which, for the record, is terrible. It’s especially terrible when one of those cold (yes, I am a pansy) 50 degree days lands on a Friday or Saturday (you know, those days I’m obligated to leave my house and socialize with others). The result is an outfit of complete comfort, absolute lack of waist definition, and of course: black:


Jacques wants to know why I’m disturbing his nap. Or possibly why the brush is on the floor and not in my hand and on his body.


All it takes is one goodnight kiss and he’s out for the rest of the shoot. I’m wearing: Faux Leather Top [Tibi], Patterned Tunic [Forever 21], Pants [Champion Fleece Lined Workout Pants…seriously], Shoes [Old Navy], Turban [My own infinity scarf]


Because you know it’s going to get colder at night…


I love big, boxy double breasted jackets. This one is a Le Suit that I picked up from a thrift store some time ago. It’s obvs a few too many sizes big for me, so I just roll up the sleeves.


Now I’m ready to go out and scare everyone is WNY with my turban and shoulder pads. I don’t think they can handle this.

Hopefully we will have a warm weekend this go around and I won’t have to resort to my black basics again.

Au revoir,


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