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Chip Eaters Anonymous

June 15, 2013

Hi. My name is Leslie, and I have a chip addiction.

But for real. I love chips. I love them baked, fried, potatoed, corned, wheated, whatever, they are delicious. And once I open a bag it’s very hard to close it again. Well, I guess technically I have no trouble closing it, because when I finish snacking I simply throw the bag away…because it’s empty. oops.

My husband also likes chips,  but he’s not quite as bad as me. He’s a big tortilla chip fan (you know…the corned variety). Because of my extreme lack of self discipline in this one area of my life, I refuse to buy chips. It’s sort of a special occasion kind of thing. However, I feel bad cutting my husband off entirely from the glory that is a chip. Although he’s not too much better. So, long story short, we end up spending half of our food budget on tortilla chips  and probably taking a couple years off our lives thanks to junk food (ok, obviously I’m being dramatic and overestimating,  but you get the point).

There are really only three solutions to such an issue:

1) Continue doing what we are doing. Get fat, waste money, eat chips.

2) Stop buying chips.

3) Start making our own chips.

Three guesses as to which we decided to do. Maybe it was the DIY gene that was passed on to me from my father, but sometime last week I spoke those infamous words, “we could make that”. Or maybe it was the idea that we would eat less chips if we had to labor making them. Either way, we were going to try.  After a few hours scouring the internet for ‘how to make tortilla chip’ recipes we found that it was actually quite easy. All you need is water and specific corn flour (masa). There are debates as to whether you should bake or fry them, but I chose to bake. I’ll only link you up with recipes, because I haven’t quite perfected the art of tortilla chip making (it has only been, like, two days) enough to give you my own recipe.


This is my second and more successful batch. The hardest part is getting them thin enough, which I have decided is basically just a matter of brute force.


I found this masa flour in the Hispanic section of the local grocery store. Essentially you  just mix this up with some water and salt and voila! Chips. Okay, well, it’s not quite that easy, but it isn’t really difficult either. Now that we have a good idea of the basic concept, I’ve been adding chili powder and cayenne to the flour before I add the water. Really, the possibilities of flavor combinations are…yes…ENDLESS.


Because the chips are a little bit thicker, they are perfect for dips– like this random Mexican dip I concocted out of remnants of our fridge.

So, if you’re bored this weekend, check out one of these recipes and give it a go! The only thing you have to lose is $2.99 in flour and maybe 50 cent worth of energy.

Happy Munching!


ps. I just realized when I uploaded these photos that I have two more food posts I need to write. I may wait a little bit after talking about eating healthy and crop tops to spring these two desert recipes on you though.

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