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Skater Chic

June 20, 2013

This post isn’t going to be about whatever you thought. Here’s proof:


I’m assuming you were thinking…’oh skater chic…so like cool urban street wear’ not ‘oh skater chic…so like some chic in roller blades trying to kill herself’. For the record– ‘trying to kill herself’ would refer to my (in)ability to skate and not some bad psychological tendency.

I bought these roller blades as an impulse buy at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. I mean, they were $3 bucks and perfectly my size, how could I not? I think I’m going to leave the yard sale price sticker on it as a fashion statement. (Not that these puppies aren’t a fashion statement in and of themselves).


Until today, I had only ventured down the driveway and back…so like 50 yards. Well, not only did I cross the somewhat busy street (small town speaking) in front of my house, but I also actually bladed (skated?) for about a mile. A few observations: 1) a never realized the road I was on was so steep (it’s not) 2) I never realized that I actually had a muscle on the top of my ankle and 3) I know realize why very little to no fashion shoots have ever happened on skates without involving active wear (which, for the record, did not keep me from trying to take fashion-y pictures. please note the following as evidence:)


Kind of sad that it’s the middle of June and it’s cool enough to have to wear pants and long sleeved shirt, right? Big thanks to my big sis for buying me cool activewear over the years, thus making moments like this happen.


Since my neighbor was watching me attempt to photograph myself while on skates, I thought I’d throw in a selfie or two to really make him think I was conceited. Also- I really need a tan.


The beginning of it all: the driveway

As I plan on purchasing a pair of ice skates and skating more this winter (that’s what you do in the great white north) I figured I should get a head start building up all those…you know…ankle muscles or whatever.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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