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Rainy Days

June 29, 2013

I don’t know about everyone else,  but it has rained for the last two weeks here. In honor (and to kind of keep from getting really aggravated at the terrible weather) I’m posting some great rainy day outfit ideas from across the web. Enjoy.

When it’s rainy and hot, I usually wear a skirt of dress (your waterproof skin will dry faster than your denim), but I love the casual look of rolled up boyfriend jeans.

Staying out of puddles option 1: Wear really, really tall shoes.

Staying out of puddles option 2: Wear actual rain boots. This whole post is actually about all the ways you can style your rain boots.

This is my go to outfit in the rain. I love the sweater because I always get cold up top when the rain comes in. I’m also really jiving her plastic shoes…I’m assuming they’re plastic.

Today's Outfit Post: Rainy day!

I love this work chic look. You could easily have a pair of heels in your bag and throw them on if rain boots aren’t ‘office appropriate’ where you work.

Remember that you don’t have to look like a complete slob just because it’s raining!! I actually get a little excited about the rain because I have a fabulous Marimekko rain jacket that I bought years ago. It’s literally so bright and happy, you forget the weather sucks.

Marimekko rain jackets

Stay dry everyone!


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