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Sunday Clothes

July 1, 2013

There are so many times every week that I think, “I should take a picture of my outfit for the blog” and guess what? Yeah, you’re right. I don’t do it. Sunday was an exception. I actually got around to taking photos when we got home from church. I originally had on nude heels with this outfit, but my husband suggested that we should walk so I reverted to the flops. I never pass up a good walk.


This is such a great dress. I had a roommate that bought it off Ebay only to find that it didn’t fit her little waist. Fortunately my waist was a touch thicker and it fits like a charm. Dress [J.Crew], Sandals [Target], Sunglasses [Proof]


I always get cold in church, so a light jacket is a necessity. This is my favorite from my Spring collection. Bag [Tibi], Jacket [Buchanan]

DSC_0107 DSC_0106

So patriotic right? I didn’t really mean for that to happen but it did. The khaki kind of softens it and makes it a little less fourth of July-esque. In hindsight, it was very fitting that this week start off with a little red, white, and blue.


I am so in love with this hem.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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