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Fourth of July and Festivals

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th everyone!

I’m not going to lie. I totally sketched off from my own party to go take a nap, like, an hour ago. When I woke up everyone was gone, so…what better time to write a blog post?

For the record, this was my husband’s little shindig and he grilled ribs and we all ate around 2. Since he was hosting, it wasn’t [really] terrible for me to disappear. Besides, I couldn’t help it. My stomach was all full of fresh apple pie and homemade peach ice cream and a nap was calling me name. (side note: I am sorry for not taking a picture of my delicious dessert and putting it on the internet for you to drool over).

On a completely different subject The Blue Heron Festival starts tomorrow and goes until Sunday. Unfortunately, (because I work like a normal person) I won’t be able to make all of it, but I plan on attending when I can.

In preparation for this event I’ve picked out three festival outfits. I’m not actually a huge festival fan, but I think it will be fun. Besides, this is the perfect time to wear all my crop tops (you know, all three of them) and not look like a completely skanky person (it’s a festival…you can run around in a string bikini right?)


Working on the hippie vibe here. This vintage top is homemade from the 60’s or 70’s and I’m pretty sure I stole it from my sister. I think I’ll fit in perfectly in the drum circle.


I honestly don’t think it will be warm enough (for me) to wear this, but I love this outfit.


This is my urban chic festival attire. The shirt is actually a men’s large white tee that I reconstructed. The boots will come in handy because it is still raining here. ugh.



Jacques seemed interested in the photo shoot, so I couldn’t help including him on the black and white outfit pics.

I will try to get some pictures of all the crazy hippies I will meet this weekend. Until then, have a safe 4th!



ps. I know I’ve neglected the food, home, and project posts lately, but they will come again! Besides, how can we dress for another day without knowing how to wear old lady shoes without looking like an old lady (cue: Saturday’s post).

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