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Dear Bucky: How to Wear Old Lady Shoes

July 6, 2013

Dear Bucky,

How do I wear old lady shoes without looking like an old lady?


Not an old lady


Dear Not an Old Lady,

With loafers in style right now, this is actually a bigger problem than most people think. Ever see a pair of vintage loafers at a thrift store and be like, “but can I REALLY pull that off?” Yes. The answer is, yes, and I will show you how. Really there is only one rule in this game:

Keep your outfit young.

If you want to wear vintage loafers then you may also want to set aside your high waisted pants, suits, and black shift dresses. Point being- stick to casual clothes. Formal clothes will make you look frumpy.

This is my old lady shoe Goodwill find:


Literally, my 80-something year old neighbor in Iowa had these shoes…just in silver metallic. They were so cool.


Step 1 (and only):  Pair with casual, laid back clothes.


Boyfriend sweater [JCrew], Romper [bought from Gypsies], Bag [Loaned from friend]


They will never look like old lady shoes if you have short shorts on.

Loafers are probably the easiest old lady shoes to pull off because they are still in style right now. EasySpirit tennis shoes are a whole other ball game- especially the tan orthopedic ones- you know what I mean. If you really want to wear those, I recommend spray painting them gold. Then you can wear them however you want.

Good luck not looking like the old lady you aren’t!



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