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Futon Rehabilitation: An Intro

July 9, 2013

Do you remember that lovely futon that I used in my Moroccan man cave? (If not, jog your memory here) Well, it came pro bono from a friend who didn’t need it anymore. Technically it came looking a bit like this:


…Only considerably worse. Their dog had taken to the armrests and completely destroyed them. Also, the little slats were falling off, and well…it was a complete mess. So naturally I took it home with me (why have a futon matress without the actual futon??) and began brainstorming how to rehab this poor sorry thing.

Amazingly (but not really) there weren’t any pictures on the internet of rehabed futons (probably because they just get second handed to poor college students who don’t care about chunks missing). This is one project I’m going to have to rely on without Pinterest.

I’m a detrimentally practical person, so my first two questions were: Where am I going to use it today? and Where will I use it further down the road? (as if giving something away isn’t an option. haha) The answers to that were guest bedroom and then master bedroom or porch. This means that I need to make it match with our bedroom (more or less) which is white, chocolate brown, and yellow.

So, here are the ideas:

1) Paint white and reupholster the armrests. Even with wood filler they are beyond repair, so the armrests need to be covered completely.

I’m really liking this vibe. It looks very clean and classic. The nice thing is that I can cover the actual mattress in whatever I want.

2) Paint dark brown and put mosaic tile on the armrests. This would be perfect if I ever decide to put it outside. Also- the nice thing about the dark brown is that it hides some of the flaws of the wood.

Merola Tile Lantern Mini Glossy Cobalt 10-3/4 in. x 11-1/4 in. Porcelain Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile

I’m loving this tile right now. However, if I go with the blue tile, I may want to paint it white…and probably figure out how to tile something.

3) Paint some color and put metal sheeting over the armrests and go for an industrial look. I just found these awesome perforated sheetings:

MD Building Products 3 ft. x 3ft. Aluminum Albras Cloverleaf Sheet

I will have to look into whether they are pliable or not. The downside to these (rather than solid metal sheeting) is that a) how do you clean that? b) you may still be able to see dog chewings underneath and c) they’re not exactly cheap. But they would look so cool…and you could paint them.

4) Lastly, I was considering just doing something crazy and making it look ridiculous. This includes but is not limited to: painting it a really bright color, deco paging things onto it, covering the entire thing in a crazy wallpaper or fabric, and/or gluing army men to the armrests and creating an epic battle scene (who wouldn’t want to sleep amongst as epic battle scene!?!?!)

I have a feeling I am just going to go the Home Depot and spend three hours walking around and then leave with my favorite materials/paint colors/etc. I’ll keep you posted….and yes! I am taking pictures along the way.

Which idea do you like best? I’d love to hear!!!



ps. All materials pictures came from the Home Depot. The futon pictures are off the web.

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