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Futon Rehab Part 2: In the beginning there was oak.

July 16, 2013

Okay, well biblically speaking there was nothingness in the beginning…but you get my gist. Also- If you have no idea why I’m talking about futons, you should probably catch yourself up with Futon Rehab Part 1. Basically, I have this old futon and I was brainstorming ways to freshen it up. Follow along to see which I decided!

This is what my futon looked like to begin with:

IMG_0134 Actually, it didn’t even look that good. Here’s a picture of what it looked like before I completely ripped the ‘basket’ sides off:

See the bars on the side? Yeah, well, they were falling off left and right so I just put them out of their misery. I kept the bottom part as a shelf.

Here’s another picture where you can see the minor amounts of destruction preformed on the armrest by my friend’s dog:


And here is the major damage:

IMG_0143 For obvious reasons, I started with wood filler. The guy at the Home Depot recommended this snazzy little product:

IMG_0147Essentially, this is a flour like substance that thickens to a desired amount when added with water. It was super easy to use and I cleaned up really well. It’s water soluble, so if you wash your hands/dish/utensils off pretty quickly they will be perfectly clean.

I am going to cover the armrests with this uber cool taupe crocodile fabric (which will hopefully arrive today!!!), so I don’t really need the putty to be perfect. It just needs to be present and hard so I can attach the fabric.

This is that original bad armrest all puttied up:


I only had to patch up the two armrests (one was luckily unattached) and a bit of the leg of one of the sides. This meant that I could begin painting. I decided to go shabby chic with this and paint it white with the intent of distressing it later on.

Here we are about two coats in (and by we I mean me and the futon):


It’s looking so much better already. Tomorrow I will test to see if the putty is completely dry. I will still need to sand it down a bit before I can finish painting. Stay tuned for more updates…this puppy is going to look beautiful when it’s finished!!



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