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Dear Bucky: What to Wear in the Hot, Hot Heat

July 17, 2013

Dear Bucky,

It’s hot and don’t want to wear anything. What should I wear to not overheat and still look cute?

-hot and unhappy

Dear Hot and Unhappy,

You, and much of America, have noticed that it’s been a little warm lately. Obviously walking around naked is not an option (think how much sunscreen you would go through!!!), so I’ll help you out with the next best thing. Here are a few rules to follow when dressing for the sweating:

1) Avoid any sort of short or pant. Not wearing pants is a no brainer, but I’m saying go shortless too. Skirts and dresses will give you much better airflow AND you won’t have any thigh/butt/crotch sweat (yeah that’s right, I said it). There’s nothing worse than being out in public and seeing a person with a drenched ass. I promise you…stick to the skirts and dresses.

2) Choose your fit wisely. Fitted is out, tents are in. Stay away from lined items. That’s all.

3) Choose your fabric wisely. Fabrics that don’t breathe (read: polyester) are going to be a lot hotter than ones that do (read: linen). If you get hot really easily or sweat more than the normal Joe or Jane, think about buying clothes from places like Patagonia and Athleta. These companies make a lot of cute options that don’t look like athletic wear, but are made of cooling, sweat-wicking fabrics.

Here’s a variety of options:

Free People Sparks Fly Cape Dress

Prints are always good because they hide any sweat marks that may turn up as the heat turns up. Free People on ShopBop.

Rhyme Los Angeles Sporty Skirt

Breezy and work appropriate. You can always wear this with a tank top and put on a jacket when you hit the office. Rhyme Los Angeles on Piperlime.


 Salina Swim Dress

Athleta actually makes a line of dresses that they call swim dresses. They are made from swimsuit material, but stylish enough to wear around every day. Athleta.

There are so many more options out there, but that will get you started!

Stay cool,


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