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July 22, 2013

I’ve been stung by a bee. I never thought I was allergic to anything like that, but according to WebMD I am suffering ‘mild allergy’ symptoms. Which, for the record, include burning, itching, swelling, etc. One day and more than the recommended dose of Benadryl later I am still suffering.

So, as I lay on the couch writing this blog post, it only seemed fitting that we should talk about insect clothes. My specific thought was how to make a modern day beekeeping suit modern day chic. Here’s the current look:

If I were being nice I would call it functional. If I wasn’t worried about offending people, I may say that it looks like a hazmat suit gone terribly wrong. It’s a moment like this that makes you wonder, “What would Celine do”.

It seems that someone else had the same idea. Except that their idea of making a bee suit more fashion conscious was by changing the color.

I’m not going to lie….the grey one is pretty kicking.

However, who needs the above when you’ve got Alexander McQueen (or more specifically, his Spring 2013 collection).

Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Between the choker and the hat, who cares if there’s a little extra skin showing? Well, probably me, because apparently I’m mildly allergic to them.

If you missed it in the spring, check out the whole collection on

In the meantime, watch out for bees and enjoy these hilarious pictures I found of animals in beekeeping suits.

Happy Monday,


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