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July 29, 2013

For the past week, I’ve had to opportunity to do some babysitting. Don’t be fooled though, this wasn’t your typical ‘conned into taking care of children to be a good friend’ kind of situation. It was so much better.

This was my child for the week:

CIMG0520 CIMG0523 CIMG0524 CIMG0525 CIMG0526 CIMG0527 CIMG0528

from left to right, top to bottom: tomatoes ripening on the vine, melon plants, zucchini on the vine, cucumber on the vine, string beans, more squash!


This is just a little bit of the bounty from today.


Seriously huge vegetables. I told my friend that her squash plants were incredibly fertile. I guess this is the upside of it raining every other day and average temperatures of 70 degrees.

As is expected, babysitting a garden made me want to have one of my own. Maybe one day, when I have a little more room and free time!

Happy Monday!


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