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Let’s Talk About Fabric as Wallpaper

August 2, 2013

Or, maybe I should say: Fabric as a wall covering. Technically, you can have textured wallpaper, and then you can have fabric that is literally adhered to the wall. I really have no desire to get super technical though and just want to focus on the concept of putting actual fabric on the wall.

You know, like this:


I want to have a little chat about this, because it kind of makes me uncomfortable. (Yes, I know it sounds seemingly innocent and unimportant, but it is enough to make me squirm a little bit). It must be my love-hate relationship with the decorating medium. I love the idea of putting it everywhere (literally) but I hate the idea of having it there.

Specifically, the cleanliness factor kind of scares me. Fabric holds dust right? And if fabric is adhered to your walls…dust must accumulate over a period of time. I am by no means a super clean freak, but the idea of dust forming colonies on my fabric wallpaper (how would you clean it!?!?!) pretty much makes my skin itch.

And then there’s the fading. If your room gets a good amount of sunlight (which is required for any room I plan on spending more than 1 hour a day in) won’t it fade or bleach out the colors? (answer: yes it will). How do you get around that? Let’s be real, I’m not plastering sunbrella fabric all over my walls.

On the other hand…(enter Dr. Jekyll) I love the idea of total pattern overload. See:

My dream house would be top to bottom William Morris fabric/wallpaper….like this room he designed:

…and then I get caught up on the whole cleaning thing again. Maybe I’m just crazy.

What are your thoughts about fabric as wallpaper? I’d love to hear.



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