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Blue is Back

August 12, 2013

Isn’t it funny how colors that once seemed so drab and outdated somehow become enticingly irresistible again? Navy is the perfect example.

Let’s run through a very brief-last-couple-decades history of love and hate with navy starting with the 80’s. Power suits from the 80’s came in all colors, but navy was one of the most popular seeing as it wasn’t as harsh as black. This seeped over into the 90’s and the navy suit continued its reign. Enter late 90’s early 2000’s minimalism and black takes back the top dog spot of very dark conservative colors. Give it another decade during which black and grey fight over being the chicest color. It’s now been a solid couple of decades and navy pops up again and it just seems so fresh (yes, just like they all do in their own turn).

I know what you may be thinking: ‘I feel like I see navy every year”. This is very true. Navy is the unofficial dark color of spring (think of Chanel’s quintessential blue and white stripe knit). It never really goes away, it just always shows up in unexpected ways (ex: replacing black in fall collections).

Now that I’ve bored you with my personal take on the history of navy, let’s enjoy some pictorial evidence of the aforementioned statement: blue is back. (all are from Fall 2013 collections)

Jil Sander

Prabal Gurung

Derek Lam


Marni actually names one of their fabric colors  ‘blue/black’ and it’s the most beautiful deep indigo color that leaves you continually guessing if it’s truly black or blue, much like some of the above outfits.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to integrate navy into my fall wardrobe, but here are a few starter ideas I’m kicking around:

Navy Accessories

Navy Accessories by leslie-friedman featuring cap hats

Vans navy shoes, $82 / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag / JENNY JENNY navy jewelry / Cap hat

Navy Clothes

Navy Clothes by leslie-friedman featuring a navy vest

Victoria, Victoria Beckham short dress / Navy vest / Jack Wills drawstring jacket / Orla Kiely , $195 / Markus Lupfer WOODPECKER Strickpullover navy, $390


Obviously, you wouldn’t wear everything together…but any one would be a great start…especially that rabbit fur vest [in love].

What do you think of Navy’s great comeback?



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