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How to Eat Summer Squash Every Day and Not Want to Kill Yourself

August 14, 2013

It continues to be that time of year. Your garden squash plants (I’m specifically focusing on yellow and zucchini) are (still) producing a ridiculous amount of vegetables. While you love that you’re saving money on the grocery bills, you are also a little sick of eating squash. And…let’s be honest, you’re running out of ways to cook it (how many zucchini muffins can one eat before their body turns against them??) Here are five squash recipes you’ll love (and thus not want to kill yourself the next time you see a squash). Click on recipe name to see full instructions.

1) Monday: Zucchini and Yellow Squash Pasta with Tofu and Lemon

 Vegan Zucchini and Summer Squash with Lemon and Tofu

I love how light and summery this is.You could also easily add a marinara sauce or a white cream sauce instead.

2) Tuesday: Stir Fry

Zucchini/Yellow Squash Stir Fry. Photo by dicentra

This is literally the most basic stir fry recipe possible. I would add lots of teriyaki sauce to it and serve with fried rice.

3) Wednesday: Thai-style Vegetable Curry

Thai-Style Vegetable Curry

I love a good curry and this recipe is no exception. The recipe calls for red curry paste, but you could use your favorite color of curry. You could also substitute the curry for a peanut sauce.

4) Thursday: Fajitas

Vegan Fajitas

The beauty of fajitas is that you can pretty much put whatever veggies you like in them. If you’re not a big fajita fan you can always use the filling and make burritos, burrito bowls, or tacos.

5) Friday: Veggie Ka-bobs

Grilled Veggie Shish Kabobs. Photo by Pneuma

There’s no better time than Friday night to break out the grill. I would also make a fresh cucumber and tomato salad to go along with my kabobs.

As you’ve probably noticed, the key to keeping the same foods interesting is to change up the flavoring(duh). The easiest way to do this is is to change the ethnicity (Italian, Indian, Asian, American, etc). Simply sauteeing your veggies with different flavoring and switching up the base (ie: rice, pasta, lentils, couscous, etc) will keep you from getting bored without having to turn you into a master chef.

Now…it’s time to eat some squash!


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