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September…it’s coming. Are you ready?

August 17, 2013

September is really really close. If you are aware of this fact you probably a) love college football,  b) work in the fashion industry,or c) have a September birthday. I can actually check  off the first two items on that list, but instead of boring you with my excitement about college football (ahem go dawgs! ahem) I’m going to hone in on option B.

All you have to do is take one look at a September Vogue while in line at the grocery store to begin to understand the seriousness of September in the fashion world. It’s a month full of models, fashion shows, runways, spring frocks and show rooms on top of the usual Fall clothing fury. Can we say epic? Oh yes, we can.

This September will be especially epic because I will be showing my Spring 2014 Collection in Buffalo Fashion Week for the first time ever. I’m currently working on churning out all my designs and I am getting more and more excited with each piece. I’m not going to reveal the whole line before my girls hit the runway Thursday (Sept. 19th!!) night, but I will be clicking quick pics of of the outfits in progress on my twitter (@wearbuchanan) and facebook ( I’ll also be tweeting and posting all the way up until my girls get off the runway (aka: champagne time). Follow me along the way…it will be a fun ride!!!



ps. Now it’s time to go back to sewing!!

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