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Rag and Bone Spring

September 9, 2013

Remember my chanting of  ‘the 90’s are back’’? Well, I’m not finished with that. Let’s talk bright lipstick, spaghetti straps, and floral patterns. Follow along as I commentate.

Doesn’t this look like something straight out of your childhood…long thin dress with spaghetti straps (despite the new neckline). And let’s talk shoes!! Keds on platform anyone?


Where’s the ManRepeller when you need her? Overalls. Check. I’m not a huge fan of the overalls…but this may win me over. They are actually fitted…which I wasn’t entirely sure was possible.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more throwback than overalls….enter crop top with (p)leather vest and floral (am I the only one that sees cherries?) skirt.

Sporty Spice anyone?

I am loving the colors going on here. They aren’t really pastels, but are a little more bright and wearable (at least for a very pasty white person like me).

Let’s talk about the boots. The whole open toe booty is such a hot trend right now…and I’m not really sure what I think about it. Love the booty part…little questionable about the open toe part. Maybe it’s because I have monkey toes (thanks Dad!) and they would be in severe danger of hanging over the end. Or maybe it’s because  I have chronically cold feet (once again, merci papa!) that I fear my toes will actually turn purple and fall off (through the hole, of course). Maybe I just need some tights to pull it off…I’ll have to try some on and report back.

Stay tuned for more Spring reviews. I’m in the process of working on my own Spring show for Buffalo Fashion Week (next week!!), but I will still try to blog and pin as much as I can!



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